Should i redo

  • i just did a reading for my husband on a very important subject and then realized that 2 cards were still in my bag, should i redo the reading using the whole deck or interpret the reading as is

  • Hi KeeKee, I did a general reading for you. Tarot.

    You are (constantly) between ideas and actions (even in the future.) I drew all cups in your future. You have many desires but haven't turned any into reality. Guard against emotions. Your ideas are not yet reality. You want advancement in your goals. Guard against idleness. You are an intellegent person. A romantic dreamer. You are psychic and imaginative.

    You want more than anything for turbulence to come to an end. This is your inherent nature. You want spiritual growth and balance. What's stopping your growth is my question.

    Your far past has called for self-examination. But, you need to lighten-up somewhat. This is what your recent past is saying. Is there more you could be doing w/your life. That seems to be the major question at this point.

    In your near future need to work on building-up courage. Seems someone will come along to help. You need to stand-up! This person that helps will focus on responsibility, care of yourself and diligence. I feel you need this person in your life. Your ability I guess to ascertain this is your ability to take action.

  • daolite please help me make sense of all this, if you can?! i asked for a reading from sweetdee around a week ago this is what she sent me and my reply to her reading(obviously we(sweetdee, you and i) are all in agreement about this 3rd person) great readers read alike? maybe?

    sweetdees reading for me

    All the cards I have pulled for you is telling the same story.....

    There is a need for co-operation from a 3rd party, usually someone whose expertise is needed, a professional in his/her field.

    Hope that makes sense to you

    Love and light


    my reply to sweetdee

    i also have done readings for myself including this celtic cross i did about 2 weeks ago that agree with your assessment of a 3rd parties cooperation

    1. 6 of wands

    2. 2 of cups

    3. 3 of pent

    4. 2 of swords reversed

    5. hierphant reversed, (i always get this card upright or reversed, always!!) dont understand it

    6.10 of wands

    7. 9 of swords

    8.devil reversed (get this one alot to)

    9.ace of cups reversed

    10. knight of pent

    i am just unsure of what sitiuation this this 3rd parties cooperation refers to

    1. i am considering getting a divorce and going to counseling, my counselor? my future lawer?

    2. my husband is going through a custody battle with his sons mom, the mom or our lawyer?

    3. my step son is currently living with my mother in law until custody is determined, she blames and resents me somewhat, my mom in law?

    4. i have severe depression(no kidding, just look above! and am working with my doc to control it

    5. i got into a severe car accident on july 29th and hurt my back pretty bad and currently have a lawyer for that

    6. i just filed bankruptcy and have a lawyer for that

    7. i found out on the monday that there was going to be some complications because of these 2 cases going on at the same time, but i wont know the outcome for a month or 2, i guess my bankruptcy lawyer and injury lawyer have to have a pow wow soon

    please help me clarify or even if you can help me figure out how i can clarify who this 3rd party is. i would really appreciate it

    as you can imagine my life is a mess, and it is affecting me, my kids, everything

    i know you are very busy and will wait patiently 🙂 but unfortunatly or fortunatly your reading confirmed mine(which i dont understand) which is even more aggravating

    my fear is what is stopping my growth, i have had such a hard life it is hard for me to be optimistic about choices i make and choices i want to make so i make none. tarot has helped me learn this and it is my goal to turn this around,

    also i have done 3 readings for my husband surronding his custody case for his son all the outcomes are very similar and fairly negative how best can we deal with and learn from the info we have received

    the question was: what will be the outcome of this case?

    i used magic 7 layout on all 3

    first reading done last night by myself(husband didnt know)

    1. world reversed

    2. queen of swords i think this is me

    3. 10 of swords reversed

    4. lovers(hard to believe this is us?)

    5. king of swords maybe him?

    6. temperence reversed

    7. 5 of swords reversed

    2nd reading

    my husband asked ?, shuffled and cut, but i didnt realize that 2 cards were in my bag til after the reading

    1. 9 of pent.

    2. 2 of pent

    3. king of swords reversed

    4. 4 of pent. reversed

    5. 2 of wands reversed

    6. justice

    7. hermit

    3rd reading husband asked question shuffled and cut (the whole deck this time:))

    1. 8 of wands

    2. ace of coins

    3. death

    4. judgement

    5. world reversed

    6. 8 of swords

    7. 5 of swords

    i know this is alot of crap, sorry, any help would be great

  • Hi KeeKee, I don't know who the third party is. The cards are suggesting change. Set positive goals to ascertain each day, even into the near future. Seek wise counsel. The cards say, more than anything, you want to be out of turbulence. You have to make a positive stand yourself before anything changes. When you start to do this, I feel you'll get the help you need. I feel like it's probably personal help. Don't know how much an attorney can help you grow as a person. Settle on a reading, as they all help, then look within.

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