Cat emergency..can ANYONE help..time is failing me

  • Thank you for reading this...

    First let me say I live out in the middle of now where...I have called all the "closest" vet places and of course they are closed.

    The last two days my 5+ (rescue kitty...Black Persian) won't eat or drink. I tried to force corn surup down...that isn't happening...He is pretty lethargic and sleeping in odd places. He isn't even meowing anymore and he is quite a vocal cat. I call him Ramsey. My date of birth is 5/8/72 initials MKJH.

    Can ANYONE hone in on what is wrong. I know time is of the essence and I don't know if he will be okay until Monday or what.

    Thank you so much. He means sooo much to me...I feel so hopeless.



  • Don't wait till monday. You need to find an emergency vet in the nearest town. Now. Males get frequent urinary/kidney problems. Can be serious! Hoping he'll get better will not make it so. Put him in a carrier and go to the nearest town. Walk the yellow pages. Get moving!


  • Are you picking up on my kitty? Or do you just know thi from experience?

    Thank you so much for reading!

  • It doesn't take a psychic to tell your kitty is sick. I've had a # of male cats. My oldest died of kidney problems. Had to give him fluids under the skin for a year. You need to be practical about this you are wasting time on the forum get a vet NOW!


  • I called an emergency vet.



  • Good I hope he'll be ok.


  • I've been thinking about you and your kitty how is he?

    I trust everything is well.


  • Pfree,

    Everything is well thanks for your thoughts! With a little help of forced liquids he is doing perfect now...phew!


  • That's great! I did the liquids under the skin for about a year on our beloved Jyuri. Kidney failure he passed this last summer. It was so worth the cost and effort tho to have him a bit longer. I miss him still.He was the sweeeeeeetest boy!

    Found us an abandoned kitten(or she found me) this last October and she has brought us lots of laughs and joy all be it I do miss my sleep! She's up waayy too early!We named her Sete Italian for 7 as her tail is unnaturally short and bent in the shape of a 7. Such a character!

    I'm glad all is well w/ you.

    Cheers Pfree

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