Am I right??

  • Hi Everyone:

    Anyone who could help me on this matter?? I would be grateful to know if what Ive been thinking about is right. Ive been pondering the idea of trying to date my ex again. Im unclear of how he feels about this, but would love to know if he is thinking the same way. Im afraid to bring it up to him for fear of rejection, it would be nice to at least know if he thinks of it as an option before bringing any of my thoughts or feelings to light.

    Thank you

  • JJon,


    I would be grateful to know if what Ive been thinking about is right: no.

    I would love to know if he is thinking the same way: no.

    it would be nice to at least know if he thinks of it as an option: no.

    Life ordinarily is just stinking mud – but the possibility of becoming a lotus is hidden there. The mud can be transformed, you can become a lotus. Sex can be transformed and it can become samadhi. Anger can be transformed and it can become compassion. Hate can be transformed and it can become love. Everything that you have that looks negative right now, mudlike, can be transformed. Your noisy mind can be emptied and transformed, and it becomes celestial music.

  • Start your new year by actually doing something "different". All your old baggage--problems--will resurface with this man--or any man as you have not solved your relationship roadblocks yet--you put your happiness outside you but really it's about YOU. The energy of neediness, insecurity and unresolved past issues has not changed enough to attract anything different. You are lucky right now to have a support system to give you room to work on yourself but you get stuck--spirit shows me feet in the mud and dirty glasses so I interpet this as a flaw in your thinking. You often see things distorted depending on your emotions--think too much--imagine slights that don't exhist. Spirit also shows me a girl holding her throat trying to speak but nothing comes out! There is fear in her eyes--frustration. I interpet this as a real communication problem. This is a major obstacle for you because communication is essential in relationships. This is part who you were born and how you where raised. You need to learn how to speak up with a feeling of safety and self esteem. This is not a year for men--other then friends who will help you see yourself--in fact a good male friend who is not romantically attracted to you can give you good advoce. Spirit shows me an older woman and an older man--wise energy---these two will be part of your advancement--the wise man will come through an educational setting and the woman is a counselour--an adviser--you very much need to start thinking in this direction. You need counseling to help you with your lack of ability to form non toxic relationships. As it stands you tend to be drawn to men who do not communicate any better than you and this is not good---it ties you up--it's where the stuck in the mud comes. You are drawn to men who give you plenty of room to live in your head which is a bad habit--you need to change. You can do this this year but only if you are AWARE at all times and ask yourself--is this the same old pattern? Am I feeling the same old feelings of being stuck in a rut of "not knowing" ? Seek counseling and from there will come the oportunity for education--this counselour will guide you to that door. Again, Spirit advises no neediness right now--fill your own cup and they understand you don't know how so visualize getting that wise advice, walking into that therapists office and feeling the positive excitement of it, and pray then do it--make that appointment. AND most important always remember that every good change we need to make is NEVER easy--never. That's why so many people keep searching. The desicions we make that are the most life changing scare the h ell out of us. That's why you need an outside guide to help you past your fears. Blessings!

  • HA HA HA! I clicked my response before seeing Hans--MUD???!!!! wE MUST HAVE BEEN READING YOU AT THE SAME TIME! Spirit has a sense of humor and this was my New Year reading for the day and I chose one with no response. HOWL HOWL!

  • Sex can be transformed and it can become samadhi.

  • Hi Guys and Gals:

    Thank you so much for your time. The mud thing rings very true, I do feel like a stick in the mud trying to figure out how to get out! Hope you two have a wonderful year ahead!!

  • You crack me up Hans! Such a way w/ words. Happy new year!


  • This is definetly my year--and may be yours as well as Spirit would have not come through for you unless you are indeed at the "tipping point" happy crossroads!

  • Blmoon,

    yes, this is really wonderful, that you also wrote about mud. I was fascinated to read your post, even more, when I understood, reading the last part, that you had not read my post before. Happy 2011 for you!

  • Pfree,

    Jim Smith ran into an old friend on the street who was sporting two black eyes. After greeting each other, Jim asked, "Say, where did you get those shiners?"

    "At church," was his friend's reply.

    "How?" Jim asked, somewhat astonished.

    "Well," began his friend, "I was sitting behind a big, fat lady in church. When she stood up I noticed her dress was caught in the crack of her butt. I reached over and pulled it out and she turned around and socked me in the eye!"

    "Wow!" said Jim, amazed. "But how did the other eye get black?"

    Sighing, his friend said, "When I realized that she did not like what I had done, I put it back!"

    Happy 2011, P!

  • LOL Hans! Feels good to laugh ! Thanks!

    Cheers P

  • Pfree,

    right, but remember: to go on moving in a circle is boring, is monotonous, is heavy on the heart. It destroys all playfulness, it destroys weightlessness; it takes away the charm, the magnetic pull towards life.


  • Well said! I could use a little mixing it up!



  • Pfree,

    be conscious, and with

    consciousness comes compassion, never condemnation.

    From you, the whole world should be showered with love.

    Perhaps your joy, your

    dance, your consciousness may provoke the same in others.

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