I can do 5 readings if 5 are interested.

  • I'm not sure how to retrieve...the situation is we are currently not together and not even talking. We had dated for a year until last May....then we reunited in Sept and started seeing each other again. It has been a lot of in and out up and down hot and cold. On his part and made me feel as if he didn't even like me anymore. It got to the point where his sister was chaperoning our dates. I tried to talk to him in a very nonthreatening calm way and it resulted in us parting. I don't understand what happened and I'm in a state of confusion. I was hoping for a reading on this and whether I should reach out to him or a general reading on love for me would be great...my birth is April 1st 1975



    Ok I have pangga and April to work on today and witchywoman. This is all I can take On as I have another post as well with readings.

  • Dear Capricorn 444. Thank you for the generous offer. I am past your 5, but I am praying for guidance. I have bookmarked your blog for future guidance in my life. I am dealing with a situation and wondering what the outcome will entail for me. My b-day is Mar. 15, 1964. His (Bob) is Jan. 1, 1951. The situation has been on-going for a number of years and his daughter is also involved in this situation. Her b-day is Dec. 29, 2004. The situation is extremely complicated. I care about him, and I really love his daughter. But, due to circumstances, fate, bad timing, and whatever was thrown at us, I am at an impasse. Communication is zilch right now. I don`t even know what he feels for me. Please help. Warmest regards.

  • Thank You Capricorn44..your generosity is most appreciated!! If I had an ability to return this gift you are giving me I would!

  • Pangga:

    Advice: make sure tthe roof and water heater are secure. Those are major counterparts. Consider what you input $$ on your apartment and what are you gaining in assets? Is there a better way to apply your capital and can you set up a strategy for maintanining a home? DO you have financial contingencies? What other areas can you save by relocating(accomodations and distance) How do your children feel and would they need to change school districts? Are you at a level of prosperity where you are more a home dweller? If so think of the quality of life you can gain by nurturing a home? Write down pros and cons if you choose and if you do not choose to. List reasons why and how long those reasons have been instilled.

    General about your current circumstance:

    Can I accept that I deserve this span of reward and recognition?

    DO I have feelings of calmness and am I enjoying this point of my life?

    Do I remember the steps I took to get to this point?

    Am I being responsible and efficient with my resources, how can i be more proficient?

    What are my values and beliefs concerning money and keeping it?

    Are all my prime physical needs balanced to my satisfaction along wiht my children?

    Do my kids and I have a sense of physical well-being and balance?

    How do I feel about philanthropy?

    Is there a way that I can get a more firm base?

    Have I embraced stillness concerning my new situation, have I tapped into my inner guide to seek deeper truth and become emotionally intelligent with myself and my natural gifts and abilities? Can I accept non action and allowing things to unfold gently before me, do I have to rush?

    Consider all your thoughts, feelings and then take action........................how would you feel if you stayed? Do you handle change well, how do you feel about it, do you feel inspired and ready to change..could this help your outlook and give you a fresh start, how can this create more fullfillment?

    Are you prepped for the responsibility, what are your next steps and have you considered who may have helped you het where you are?

    For you to examine:

    Subconscious:Assess your past and examine your future actions -Ensure that all matters have been weighed faitly and evenly in your endeavors. Examine your responsibilities and obligations.

    Am I being accountable and honest in my dealings?

    Conscious:Know the implications off your actions and consider what is a longer term permanent solution. What is the most balanced and healthy strategy in your situation?

    In making a choice it is wise to assess our current inventory, view the past as a way to gain-precognition into the future; facilitate your choice with higher awareness and subsonscious examination by stillness and reflection. Insure you are nurturing your assetts and facilitating your future.

    take care:)

  • April:

    "Thank You so much...it is a specific situation with a very good friend of mine that I love..I posted on my blog in detail but we recently had a disagreement and now aren't talking..its lengthy blog name above if you would like to read....I don't know if I should call and try to make ammends..even if I truly did nothing wrong...I do love this person...his name is Charles and mine is Lucretia what information do you need from me? It was on and off til may then back in Sept and the sister "chaperoned the dates."

    How can you reflect the past to assist your way foward concerning charles? What is it to your values that is worth holding on? Does this circumstance hold true to your values, beliefs and worth? Id this circumstance facilitating your needs? Are you feeling better? Does this pull you back becuase it was what was comforting?

    Be aware of your inner and outer surroundings, do not get to settled in and be open to movement and leaving your current state. Take all that you have gained and acomplished and move foward reaching greater enlightenment.

    Rather than focus on the pain;can I focus on the pleasure of moving in a better and more uplifted direction?

    Do I you the faith, focus and patience to to trust your path will unfold?

    How do you really feel about balance of power in your relationships? Do you feel you should be at ones beck and call? How do you feel about equality?

    Are you truly balanced?

    Have you examined your own leading on your path? have you invisioned what is menaingfull to you in your personal life path and goals? Have you taken the leadership role with yourself attaining and exalting honesty and integrity?

    Be carefull and prudent. Understand the facts and see above false promises. Are you b eing too obessesive over little details? Be open to listening to reason. See where you can find common ground. Remain diplomatic in your circumstances.

    Going back to your balance; how stable and secure are you? Have you planted a seed for long term prosperity and fullfillment? Do you have a mapped out plan and are you getting serious about career and a foundation? Do you give up easily? Is a relationship going to cause overextending? Do you need to retreat and focus on your foundation and a way to facilitate your future?

    Self examination: Mind Body And Spirit

    Do I allow my higher source to be my guide?

    How can I nuture myself and those around me more?

    Do I emit a presence of peace and harmony to others?

    What can I do to allow more tranquility into my day?

    Am I allowing peace and relaxation to flow through my life?

    What can I do to be more at ease with myself and my surroundings?

    View a larger picture of their life patterns and how certain situations have come about in their life. Examine the external and interna perspective of your life for greater incite and awareness.

    Release lower frequency and open your heart to possibilties to release fears and doubts abut your future. You have promise on your path:)Your goals and your aspirations are blessed, but to realize them, you must take positive action.Use your inner light to support your aspirations. Release you emotions that do not serve your divine self so you may be open to the divine opportunites.

    Take good care:)

  • HI Capricorn444 -- I will have to re-read your response and comment but thank you for your prompt response.

    Can you re-wrod your questions for me into YES/NO questions? I can only answer Yes/no questions with the pendulum. It only swings 2 ways and sometimes in a circle for maybe.

    I am not sure how accurate it is because so few people have asked me questions that can happen within a short enough time frame to give me any feedback.

    I do see that you feel my finances will be okay if I curb spending and spend wisely. I will check back later this eveing or tomorrow. thanks!

  • Turtle dust:

    Will I move foeard with my spouse this summer

    Will I get a new car late summer of early fall

    Will I attian another job this summer or early fall

    Will I triumph in a past conflict comming my way

    Will I settle in an apartment when I come back to my home city

    I hope those are easier yes or no's

  • Capricorn444 thank u so much for the advice and i will make sure to fallow it...

    take care and god bless

  • High Capricorn444 - I will get on it tonight. TD

  • Hi Capricorn444: Here you go - I tried 2 different pendulums and asked each pendulum the same question twice and got the same answers each time .

    Will I move foeard with my spouse this summer YES

    Will I get a new car late summer of early fall No for late summer. No for early fall

    Will I attian another job this summer or early fall No for late summer. A slight no or maybe for early fall

    Will I triumph in a past conflict comming my way. This was weird - the ball stood still each time. I think that you may have more than one past conflict to deal with so it could not answer???

    Will I settle in an apartment when I come back to my home city. This was a yes.

    Well - I hope I was close. I just ask the questions as clearly as I can. Let me know how it runs out. Thanks! TD

  • BTW Capricorn444 - I reread your reading and you are so right.. I just want to have a true friend in someone before I venture into another relationship ever again. Thanks!

  • thanks capri, u are absolutely right in ur reading. every word is right. and yes people often tell me they think im sweet n innocent but i never tell them i know wen they play wrong moves on me, i pretend to be innocent so that they tell me everything , then i just unfold for the right person!!!

    i wud further request u to please do a reading for :

    myself gagan and my friend gurbir.

    myself gagan and my date steven

    how will these two men be in my life? how do they see me? will long term come out of any of these?

  • Hello Capricorn 444, I know I may be too late, you said you had work to do today?? Well if you have time please, Just whats new for me this year?? Peace Love and Light! May the Universe repay your kindness a hundered fold, I dont think you want b/d but in case 11/20/65.

    "Blessed Be."

  • Turtle DUst thank you. I will get back to you with the answers as soon as they all occur.

    Poetic. I can do a general reading. Tommoro. or later today.

    Thank you all for your feedback.

  • K 🙂

  • If still have time and not pressed can you one for i am in this love traingle and confused which man is for me

    Thank you for your time

  • Hello Sheila, feels like you are doing the Cha, Cha, Cha!

  • thank you!

  • Hello Capricorn444! If you are still available, I would love a general reading, whatever stands out and grabs you. Thank you!

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