I can do 5 readings if 5 are interested.

  • Capricorn444

    Just wanted to let you know that i really enjoyed reading this forum and how you answered back with your readings, very straight forward and put for us to think more of what we need to do ourselves. I cant wait to go to your blog and read it. wish i would have found your request for readings earlier, but will hopefully catch you when you do them again.

    Hope you have a very blessed New Year.

  • Dear Capricorn444,

    Thank you very much for your reading and efforts, I really really do appreciate it and I'm very grateful. You were very right about it, I guess i gave too much of myself. Well despite that, I had never told him i loved him.. He was the one first to say it and i guess i believed him.. But Anyways, that past.. and lessons have to be learnt.. I'm really grateful for your insight and i'm already working on the points you've highlighted 🙂 Thanks again 🙂

    Love, and Light to you & Happy New Year 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • To all who have recieved your readings; I thank you for your confidence in me and your gratitude.

  • Number 8 :Draggiani- excuse the spelling.

    hello capri

    plz do a reading for me for all these guys that have been in my life as friends or more, who will be my partner, how do they match me in their inclination on marrying me? when will i meet my soulmate? will it be one of these of someone else?

    my friend of four yrs, gurbir

    my collegue,goswami

    my collegue doctor venkatesh

    my acquaintance raman

    my date steven

    my acquaintance tajendra

    my friend jaspreet

    my classmate rakesh

    please tell me how things will proceed in my love life? when will i find a satisfactory partnter? what should my approach be?

    I cannot assess all these people as also they have levels of ascension and free will and choice but I will meditate and read for your way to manifessting loove. Remember love manifest; true love when two whole, mind body spirit individuals union with inner peace and grounding. So this reading will elaborate on the steps within you to manifest your true love;

    I am sensing a "scattering energy" as you have many choices and men in your life but you presented how many to me? When you seek deeper truth and experience levels of stillness you will be able to discard and gain incite inot the love you desire. Here I am seeing unclear mind about what you want, and exppression of choices creating confusion and that maybe confusion about what you desire for yourself, then a relationship.

    Please do not have doubts; remember that their is a balnce to you and it comes in time whe it is in its best syncrony. Love finds you, remember that. You carry the energy of self love and clarity of yourself; inner peace; that is how love can be manifested. Calm assurance....................it will be:)

    Also' how can you apply your intangables(abilities,) along with your skills (tangable)?

    keep in mind strong teamwork skills and cooperation, much organization of inner self and conscious self................

    look back on your life as mini oracles concerning your experiences and choices...........discern your life path so far to help discover yourself.....so you may see what works well with you and what significant qualities remain with in you and have supported your through your trials and adventures..............try not to be distractd by the diversity before you, how can you gain clarity;

    gain clarity within you first and you will stand for your contrivances and self; so you may recognize what serves your divien self

    "I ewmbrace all that serves my divine self and I remain open to my higher self divine opportuinities"

    I sense others may see you as a bit innocent and you may be very giving and open at times. How can I gain more security in who I am so that I might be the best me?

    look beyond the obvious, surface situation to what is hidden and obscure within yourself and all your personal dealings.. Do not forget to look within to see your potential. Experience stillness; waiting and allowing it to come.We do not always need to aplly much action to our goals.Sometimes they can be realized through a stillness, and allows things to unfold before us within the perseverance in time.

    What secrets are within you and may be kept from others? How can you reach within to find meaning in yourslef? How can I more clearly understand my life and purpose?

    What is your motiviation and intentions?

    Are your goals reasonable and mature? What are you trying to control, and why?

    Are you obsessing?

    What ignites you?

    Remember: Mentally strong and self-assured. A ready mind knows what you want and how to get it Do you feel unsure of yourself and what you want? Self control and direct will must be obtained to go after your goals and be receptive to what you want that will serve your divine self.

    Also: its wise to develop connection to spirit self and inner guide: using your own personal emotional and spirited kbowledge will help unfold your inner gifts. Igniting of passions and how you truly relate to romance. Also please use this stillness to develope instinct and abilities to percieve situations accuratly and to protect yourself from others that may send you "slight of hand" massages.I may not be right but I feel you may be viewed as innocent in the eyes of some men.

    take care:)

  • I need a career direction reading

  • will you do a reading for me?




  • Capricorn444,

    I hope its okay to post this here.

    I have been following the different posts on this site that you have been giving advice/readings, and I did check out your blog which was beyond words for me.

    I have been searching for answers for so long and almost started to feel like I was going insane,

    Wonderful people on this site have been helping me through my search, I have had good readings and good advice given to me, but your blog was the "ONE" that spoke to me.

    I finally found the missing piece to the puzzle, I finally get it, I finally understand why I am where I am right now in my life.

    I am not good at expressing myself with words, but I just wanted you to know that I had a release of the burden that I had inside of me for so long and now, I know exactly where and what I need to work on.

    I knew this was the year I really needed to work on me, but did not think I would find the answers in just 2 days into the new year.

    I hope you don't mind posting this here, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • hi this is pangga again i forgot to give you my dob it was 11-07-62

    I posted to have a reading dated 01-02-2011 @ 16:58pst.


  • Pisces star thank you, that means much to me. You can connect to my blog. If you get a url, I will be working through my blog this comming spring early summer.

    Panga? I have doine so far 16 readings within this weekend and have two more ; originally posted to do five....at this point can add you in but no more farther until I see where I am at. I am back to fulltime and a part time job an developing a project....in a few days.

  • Brightmoonshine: career

    As we now transition requires elimination of old thinking, attitudes, projects and emotion allowing us new hope and beginings; transending into a refreshed and inspired outlook into our future.

    I advise in any circumstance as we know trasition is a process to prepare us for our next stage of challenge and opportunity to stand by yourself and dignify what you stand for. Remember do you want to defend or show defiance? What ways can you support your ideas, beliefs and self in your given circumstances? If your contrivances are ethical and just stand by and be unyeilding with great resolute and fortitude along with self confidence.

    See your advantages, assess how to effectivly communicate, use discernment and hard control on emotions, consider soultions that include common grounds.

    At times we take chances but we can apply our wisdom and initiate with leadership by supporting our needs but concerning others included. we must take time to consider the results that manifest from out actions but first from our thoughts. Ensure you are percieving your circumstances objectivly and rationally.

    Remember others attitudes and views influence your standing and "rank" in any given situation; be weary that others have confidence in you and respect in your sense of conviction and direction.

    Be clear about your direction, be conscious about others perception of you that it may not be misleading by being direct and clear on your focus and choices.

    Steady work, commitment showing loyalty will gain confidence and trust along with fair treatment to others. Being true to yourself will allow you to stay true to your choices and direction with great passion.

    Asses-' are your current stategies realistic, are you inflexable, how can you lead by good example?

    Without doubt, clear direction and hard control emotionally, humanistic, pioneering you can lead.........

    At times through transitions we need and deserve to assess our inner guide and grow our emotional intelligence; this helps to ignite passion an dinner callings but it allows us to open to stillness and the nonaction that is required at times to see the answers unfold before us......go within in stillness to reach your inner most abilities and potential................look beyond the obvious of yourself and your current situation....see what may be hidden.......

    You know that you must not have fear and doubts about yourself. Reaching within to your spirit self will help you wuth any indecisions.............at times we need our pyschic self to help assist in our decision making, emotions can cuase blockages. Be not of two minds hoe can you balance your subcosciouss and conscious minds in harmony....I feel some inner stillness and self examination can help you through this.....

    Examine your true values and beliefs..What are your values you stand by, what beliefs assist you in your convictions and how can your hold true to them? What will balance with your values and beliefs where you can be true to yourself and be in harmony?

    Remember we are the only limit to our endless gains but we must rid any blockages and be open to giving our true selves and the new possibilites.....how can you open yourself so you can endure excitment?

    Subconscious examination: consider your reward and evaluate your stautus. Are you on your true path? Do you need a course correction or a complete direction change; even a change in your Approach. You may not be fully married to a path but that can change. Your position may not be over but be ready to apply new strategies and work very hard with diligence and loyalty.

    Conscious examination:How do you feel about personal connection to others and intergration? Remember it is not always up against all. Hopw can you cooperate and mix with others, How can diplomacy be applied to stand your bleifs and respect others veiws? See how you can catch any conflict mode thinking.............

    Remember assess your mind, perception and thoughts on your path..........always check your mind thouroughly...................

    Take good care:)

  • You may be tired of doing readings and hate to ask but could u please look at my blog; I don't know why I am doing this is the name of it. I need some help on the current situation if u could help me. I would really appreciate it very much.

  • Hi Capricorn444 - I am past your #5. If you do have time - and I am patient. I would love a reading. In turn I will try my pendulum for you. Ask me 5 yes or no questions. You must know the answer to one of them just to get a sense of where I am going. Please try to ask me ones that have a time frame within the next 3 months because I am curious to see the outcome of the answers!

    My DOB is 3/14/1958 if you need it. A general reading is fine, but I am concerned about 2 things in particular for the next 6 or 9 months- finances (like everyone esle) and whether a potential companion is waiting for me now - to see if my husband follows through with the separation. ( I think there is someone who likes me very much but I am not sure of his intentions).

    Thanks so much.

  • Turtle Dust what a kind offer. I have three days until I go back to a two period of 65 hours work week.

    I am also doing a training program in community as well.

    First question that I know the answer to:

    What challenge will I be facing in my next upcoming community event?

    What area of deep truth do I have yet to heal from?

    When will I connect to my heartmate again?

    What will be the outcome of my new communty project concerning counseling intuitive?

    Is my path in education on my divine by farther pursuing my education to a higher level in criminal justice, councel concentration?

    Thank you and I will get on this tommoro:)

  • April how can I help you. I have till weds on this site to do work until I go back to my office and attend my project family and so on...........

  • Thank You so much...it is a specific situation with a very good friend of mine that I love..I posted on my blog in detail but we recently had a disagreement and now aren't talking..its lengthy blog name above if you would like to read....I don't know if I should call and try to make ammends..even if I truly did nothing wrong...I do love this person...his name is Charles and mine is Lucretia what information do you need from me?

  • My date of birth is 4 1 1975...if that helps

  • Turtle dust;

    general reading is fine, but I am concerned about 2 things in particular for the next 6 or 9 months- finances (like everyone esle) and whether a potential companion is waiting for me now - to see if my husband follows through with the separation. ( I think there is someone who likes me very much but I am not sure of his intentions).

    Yes it is very clear as spirit has spoke about your Legal severance. Remember dear that that has underlaying subconscious emotion.We have desires for acceptance, new hope for brighter days, hope that inputs will be rewarded, promises for secuirty. We also have some vulnerability. As it is also a lesson of time to retreat and gain personal power so me not succumb to these severances and ill intentions. At times we do come at an impass becuase we hold emotional blockages and we often do no tknow how to move foward, our inner guide can assist and at times we need not to make a decision..it will unfold before us..................by being true to our causes and values and beleifs with respects to conscious actions needed to take place to square our circumstances

    How founded am I to my personal faith, self worth and sense of confidence and how do I view others perceptions and what is my level of concern on how others percieve me?

    Am I grounded with stabliity now, can I assure home, hearth, reliability and affluence of support in consistancy? Do I have a firm base?

    How can I regain focus my using my past experiences as enigmas to attain greater sense of self and recognize my patterns concerning my choices? How can I get a clear mind so I may see through the diversity and remain focused on my true divine opportunities concerningmy self worth?

    Do I have to much distraction where I may not be giving full focus to all areas of choice?

    You just have to know you and what you desire and what you can manage...remember step by step and slow.............let it unfold............................his actions will speak.......allow him to show his true nature by staying true to your nature and your needs right now putting good concern on your worth and responsibilities...............He may have a patrioteer demeanor especially since you are a bit vulnerable in your circumstance.................see to it with slow and steady pace that its not an objective to seize you in your circumstance..............use your discernment and inner guide. Remember relationships that are manifested of true love manifest from two whole and self lobing individuals who have self attained all their needs before they engage in union. Assess yourself and be true and honest .............................

    There is no need to have doubts about your future of self, losses are gains of liberation from false securites and are reminders that we need to retreat and seek deeper truth before we commit again to new endeavors and relationships............

    Turtle dust your finances will be ok here...but examine this;

    The use of your resources and the efficency

    buyer quality and check into opinions of purchasing

    Examine retirement, investment or savings plans

    Assess your personal spending habits

    Again asses your true value and worth and how you feel towards it. See if there are areas of change consciously through your mentality and your actions

    Stay positive here and have no doubts

    Take care:)

  • April did you want me to assess the blog and if so how do I retrieve it?

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