I can do 5 readings if 5 are interested.

  • hello capri

    plz do a reading for me for all these guys that have been in my life as friends or more, who will be my partner, how do they match me in their inclination on marrying me? when will i meet my soulmate? will it be one of these of someone else?

    my friend of four yrs, gurbir

    my collegue,goswami

    my collegue doctor venkatesh

    my acquaintance raman

    my date steven

    my acquaintance tajendra

    my friend jaspreet

    my classmate rakesh

    please tell me how things will proceed in my love life? when will i find a satisfactory partnter? what should my approach be?

  • Number 4: Momac:

    "I want to know if the man I desire will ever feel the same for me and if not will I meet the right man soon, or is he someone I already know? What changes in 2011?"

    Changes start by truth and acceptances and releasing old thinking patterns. Its your choice and you know what needs change. The man you desire. Why and what causes you to be worthy of his love? Why do you desire him without using I or me? Do you feel you planted good seeds of intention to any past partnerships? Are you clear about yourself and where you belong in the sea of intergration? We hold the power to create what we desire in the time and the level of self ascension we desire to inquest. Your will and attitude is the creater of what you desire. I can tell you of all I see but your perception of it is what matters and your choices within each circumstance combined with your actions and behaviors. The way you choose to handle your circumstances and intentions govern your outcomes. the univers is the force that allows us to grow; the universe provides and will always transend people to you and you create the circustances; situations arise for our facilitation and growth. We create our future.

    Eliminating excess and old attitudes, experiencing transition and getting back to basics, endings bring us new beginings with a realization and new attitude to life assisting us in healing and creating more fruitfull eneavors. Leaving our long term known and finnaly enbracing what we have yet to discover and learn from. Step into the unkown with personal courage to embrace our higher self adn Emlightenment.

    When we have done something that we feel is wrong or hurtful - or failed to do something we think we should have - the distress can be very real. It is worse when nothing we do relieves the bad feelings or makes them go away. Finally, there is just pure anguish. Sometimes the pain of life is so total that all we feel like doing is crying into our hands.

    This is a sign of some area of unhappiness or trouble - a vulnerable spot in your life.Examine your situation carefully to be sure you are making the best choices. Even a small change can make all the difference. We must seek long term soultions verses temporary reliefs:

    Am I running away from my problems?

    When I pay attention to my thoughts, which ones do I most avoid? Why?

    Who else should I consider in the choices and actions I take?

    Can I accept that sometimes the best solution is to remove myself from the situation?

    Sense of grounding oneself and attaining inner security and stability so we can be stable ourselves and to others:

    Are you feeling warm and caring toward others? Are you being sensible? Have you been true to your word? Do you feel generous? Can you be counted on when times are tough?

    Initiate the ethical and honest route to your goals with moral intent. Honesty and purpose with soulfull intent. Courage in your convictions with seeds of good intent, being creative and seeking outside the box solutions, forthright into the unknown.

    Others in your environment are astute and experienced it would be wise to assert yourslef with honesty and ethical intent, following through with your words. Do not be fooled in others abiltiy to see to the heart of the matter. Others admire honesty and direct communication.

    It may be in your best interest in action to retreat and reduce overextension in any are you can.time do you need time to regroup?

    Do I need to prepare for a endeavor or self grounding? any area you can.

    Am I recognizing partnerships that have facilitated my success?

    Positive recognition from others is great, but am I still letting my inner voice take the lead in my decisions?

    Every loss = new possibilites and growth, we choose to hold on and suffer or we can learn and let go

    What do you ned to release to be your true self? What ways can you apply yourself in future circumstances with calm dignity? Self acceptance and being true to ones self with confidence as we know we are the holders of who is worth and we attain the acceptance and love, it is ours at the begining. At times we must allow stillness and contemplation with acceptances of humility and past actions to attain realization and deeper truth. Once we attain an acceptance of our parts and acgtalize ourt areas of needed growth we can attain new clarity and focus. Then we can establish new goals and objectives with this new energy and for you applicvation of leadership concerning the welfare of others with honesty and selfless intent. Direct will and focus with selfless and soulfull purpose.

    In your next opportunity I advise you to attain self assertion and hard control, carefullness concerning your emotions do not run your actions. Strong will and great confidence.

    Take care:)

  • Dragani I already have the five I posted I will do; if you are patient I will address this later this week.

  • Number 4: Momac


    Our composure during crossing opinions and challenging circumstances governs our outcomes and how we are veiwed. Maintaing calm and diplomatice in disagreements or conflict to ensure we respect others views. take a leadership role in areas of confronmtation and challenge. Remain with control and repress urges with focus and integrity. Honesty is part of integrity, in order to explain our views we must expose truth and be objective to the facts. honesty and integrity in our conflicts and challenges gain respect as they exalt repect unto others and earn trust. If we elevaate our responses and behaviors to others by the seeds of love and compassion our results may be blessed and calm with tolerance. Where can we find a common ground? Lets reflect our lives and assess are areas of choice. Lets recollect the many variations from the sea of reflection and see the story. Lets take a look and examine our situation an dse how disordered it may be. we can refelect upon the past choices and circumstances to veiw are level of focus and what endeavors did we pursue? Were they self indulgent or fantacy? Lets assess our level of focus and clarity.

  • Happy New Year Capricorn 444 and thank you so much for your kind offer.

    I would love a tarot reading concerning love with a man I breifly dated in High School. He has been divorced for a little over a year after 30 years of marriage. His birht date is August 8, 1954 and mine is August 11, 1961. We have been in recent contact and went out on a date. The date went great, or so I thought. I had a wonderful time he said that he did too. He appeared to have a good time he was smiling ear to ear the entire night, but now things are not moving along. I do not call or email him, as he has been always been aggressive in the past in letting me know he wants to see me. Is his avoidance his way of letting me know he is no longer interested? I have a hard time believing that he is not interested since at the end of the evening when he embraced me and kissed me his knees buckled! Please advise with your insight.

    Thank You,


  • Capricorn 444,

    Afer reading the thread, I see that you have already received the 5 readings that you promised. If, however, you have the time or desire to address my question and do a reading for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,


  • Number 5: Alenabrz:

    "Capricorn444, a general reading about the next six months will be ok. I just wanted to know if anything I'm putting my efforts on will bear any fruits. I'm a bit tired of trying and apparently getting nowhere. That's it. 🙂 "

    What are you working so hard for? What are your intentions? What are you natural gifts and how can you share them with greater purpose? How does your work effect humanity?

    A situation of severance releases us from a false security and areas of where we are not able yo axpress out true self and abilities, your time of impoverishment has allowed you to assess your abilities and regain new hope.

    Am I still committed to my foundational faith and vision?

    What are some ways I can enhance my self-confidence?

    Are there people who share my plight that I can help along the way?

    Do I feel I have to suffer for my cause? Why?

    How do I feel about being socially accepted? Why?

    Why do I care about other people's perception of me?

    Pomise is in the way.

    This is a big sign that better days ahead are coming but closure to your true self and closer to eneavors where you will be happy doing them. I would advise that you remain adaptive and flexable. You are in a phase of self ascension. Counting blessings, being generous, tranquil, relaxing and seeking inner truith and attaing faith in ones self and staying true to your inner callings.

    leadership and exploration are coming into your life now and seeking out uncharted areas with confidence. You have some foresight and premonitions of what is to come. I know you do and have faith; they will. Just be ready to step into unknown area utilize the wisdom you have attained and be adaptive and receptive to new ideas. Alot ofr faith in self and universe is needed here and deserved to attian.

    "whatever or whomever is at the heart of your concern holds the solutions"

    In this next 6-8 months I advise:

    Eliminate fear from you purpose, be open to a dynamical group in intergration, be secure and confident, doubt does not exist in your vocab:) no dodging of your purpose and confidence to take charge but with leadership attitudes.

    In competition and conflict; remain objective, calm and diplomatic. Be open to other veiws and opinions. Stron group leadership, maintain passion, common grounds,organization.

    Be organized and focused, you may wish to utilize past situations to examine your focus. Remain focused and clear minded, organization is big in your next coming months. Orgaznize thoughts, ideas and opinions.

    Attain level of authority with articulation and strategy. Ethical and objective. Be open to new studies and practical learning. Get yourself prepped mentaly.

    Be patient, you do have a new seed coming your way:)

  • Number 5: Alenabrz


    We can also enjoy the finer things of life. It is also a sign that you may need to reject the coarse or offensive and seek the highest. Self discipline and self-control. Mastery of self.The falcon symbolizes all that is dark and unruly in human nature. You may have to "sacrifice" for the moment, but the results will be worth it. Quality over quantity to achieve our best results and givve our best work. Refining ones self. Taking maters into our own hands. Expaniding ourselfs and elevating our creative focus. Assessing our path to our true calling and honing our targets to where we can express and exalt our ablities wiithin that focus.

  • Draganni and Nacy hold on tight. I can aqueeze this in. For now to anyone else I cannot make any promises but if I can continue I will inform anyone on this thread after today if I can address your concern:).

  • Thank You, Capricorn 444. Can't wait!

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  • Momac I am very happy to bring you to light so you may see your light within.

    To all I hope to present the tools and how to use them so you all my see your own inner light:)

  • Momac, some reason I cannot get into that account;email me at 🙂

  • Capricorn 444,

    Your blog is wonderful! Very insightful and enlightening. Keep it going. I posted your blog to my facebook page.


  • Thank you:)

  • Hi Capricorn444

    look for my email it's been forwarded to you 🙂

  • Number 6 Nancy:

    I would love a tarot reading concerning love with a man I breifly dated in High School. He has been divorced for a little over a year after 30 years of marriage. His birht date is August 8, 1954 and mine is August 11, 1961. We have been in recent contact and went out on a date. The date went great, or so I thought. I had a wonderful time he said that he did too. He appeared to have a good time he was smiling ear to ear the entire night, but now things are not moving along. I do not call or email him, as he has been always been aggressive in the past in letting me know he wants to see me. Is his avoidance his way of letting me know he is no longer interested? I have a hard time believing that he is not interested since at the end of the evening when he embraced me and kissed me his knees buckled! Please advise with your insight.

    Ok here are some questions for your higher self guide: Do you feel that this man has experienced enough liberation from a relationship to be ready to endure another? May he feel unready to engage again in commitment? How long has he endured life without commitment in a relationship? Do you feel his behavior was from sensation of meeting one who is new and to endure outings again for the first time in a while since he has been tied down? Is he ready to commit again this soon? Do you think he was unprepared and inocent to the new circumstance to forget the fact of the severity of being in a relationship again?

    He is going through transition and experiencing the inevitable, it may not be the tiem for him to embark a relationship.

    Ok, so I know and have faith that you are one in the world and there is one to balance you. So I am going to phrase this question pertaining to your way foward and how to manifest love, the true love; your heart mate.

    I will do a reading concerning your way foward.......................

    Situation: I know you have a good foundation for yourself. You have attained the level of foundation where you can give empathy and commitment. You deserve that in return.

    Take a look at your direction and assses which way will get you the permanance and results you wish to attain. What seed is worthy of your integrity and attention?

    open yourself up to the possibilities that the universe can offer.

    How can I move myself into a more free-flowing frame of mind in order to allow magnificent ideas and experiences into my life?

    Open yourself up to creating meaning within yourself as well.

    You have the potential to create new beginings of relationships; start the process with intent from love, compassion and good intention. Have faith because you are carrying the energies that wil bring new opportunities in your life this year.

    You may want to become creative and adventurous this year, be willing to take chances and scope the uncharted areas. Lead by good example with honesty and charisma. Trust in the flow of things and be flexable to new ideas and approaches.

    This year present opportunities where you may wish to be taking action, persnal courage, will, focus and direct control and to have confidence. Do not doubt yourself.

    I pulled an advice card: STAR:) renewal, self ascension, the hardships are over and many days of joy are ahead, have faith in the future, rejuvenate and endure yourself in the possibilities, inspiration, fins your inspiration and lead to inspire others.

    take care:)

  • Thank You so much Capricorn 444. I have been thinking about how after 30 years of marriage he would feel about commitment ever since he initiated contact with me . He voluntarily told me about how loyal and faithful and monogamous he is which has left me very confused. He has communicated that he likes being in a committed relationship yet I wonder. I have very strong feelings for him and always have...since way back. I dream about him almost every night since he initiated contact. I mean seriously he is in my dreams when I sleep. I feel very connected to him. 2 years ago I dreamed that he told me he was divorced and wanted to be with me, this was 2 years before he initiated contact! I definitely am ready for and have prepared myself for a real, true love relationship. I have worked on ridding myself of a lot of baggage and preconceived ideas. I hate the term "soulmate" as I feel it is sort of over used and cheesy, but I feel that he is my other half...I guess that is my soulmate. I am very open and in want of creating real meaning in my life and having a more free flowing frame of mind. Thank You again for your insight.

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  • Dear Capricorn444,

    Wow that reading was amazing very spot on thankyou so much for all the effort you put into it

    i am ever so grateful.

    take care lots of love Mags

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