I would love a 2011 reading!!!

  • Hi, I am beginning 2011 very unsure about my love life and career. I would love a reading of what 2011 has in store for me. DOB March 12 1985 6:55pm Boston MA. Thanks!

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  • This is a year when your home, family (including the global family) and love will be the main focus of your life. On the positive side there could be a birth in your family or extended family, adding joy and a focus for everyone to come together. On the negative, it could be the loss of a family member that causes everyone to come together. The theme of this year is sacrifice and compassion. You maybe called upon to help others in ways that you don’t believe (right now) you are capable of, but you are and will be. This year will be about serving others and expanding your compassion, sense of humanity and charity. Your connection to your higher self, inner strength and spirituality will be heightened and challenged. It is best to trust in powers greater then yourself to help guide you through this year, if you do so, you will do the world and your family tremendous good. 2012 will give you a break and a chance to replenish yourself, so remember that these sacrifices will not be permanent - try to embrace them and grow from this opportunity for giving. It is also a good time to explore your creative side, especially through visual art. So if you ever had an interest in photography, painting, sculpture, ceramics or drawing now is the time to explore that and take a class or just fool around and edify yourself by taking up an artistic hobby this year like sewing, knitting, or scrap booking. Enjoy it and realize this new obsession is part of your growth.

  • I don't know why the word visua*l was blanked out here? Hardly a bad word...

  • Thank you so much Captain!

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