• hello l did this reading and l would really like if someome could please in a simple way explain to me what the cards mean .there are 11 cards ..

    kind regrads

    p.s just in case itts needed dob 13/06/1979

    Higher Power - two of swords

    Recent Past - six of swords

    Situation - the sun

    Self - seven of swords

    Challenges/ Opportunities - the world

    Near Future - three of wands

    Foundation - ten of wands

    Long-term Potential - page of cups

    Advice - the star

    Allies - seven of coins

    Blocks & Inhibitions - three of swords

  • can give you the basic meanings of each card, and you can decide from there, as only you know what question you askd, besides readings are a very personal things n nt sumthing that should be viewed by all. there is an educational page on this website too about the individual tarot cards n their meanings if you have browsing time. Use yr own intuition to guide you.

    two of swords is - denial of feelings, blockage, repressed emotions

    six of swords is - moving away from trouble, leaving the past behind, getting over difficulties, beginning to be more positive about life, heading onto better times

    the sun - new friendship, believing in yourself, feeling enlightened,, happiness, joy, creative growth

    seven of swords - self deception or fooling others, keeping a secret to yourself, wanting to be alone, avoiding responsibility, stealth, deception

    the world - accomplishing what you set out to achieve, discovering a solution, reward for hard work and effort, freedom, fufilment.

    three of wands - foresight, expansion exploration and contemplation., seeking new adventure,

    ten of wands - heavy burden, uphill struggle, overload, believing there is always a price to pay, struggling with yr workload.

    page of cups - being offered love or romance, trusting yr intuition, creative ideas, lighted and flirtatious admirer, finding in yr heart to forgive someone,

    the star - inspitation, truth revealed, ideal love, new trust in a relationship, knowing you are going to be successful, light at the end of the tunnel, realization of a dream.

    seven of coins - assessment, fruits of labour, prepare for a new strategy

    three of swords- getting to the heart of the matter, fear of losing yr partner, feeling hurt inside, triumph of logic over emotion, discovering a painful truth.

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