Sag and scorpio

  • I understand completely because I am in the same situtation. I am Scorpio/Taurus/Aquarius and he is a Sag/Virgo/Aquarius. I have been madly in love with my guy for so long but he doesn't want to move past friends, even though i know he is madly in love with me too. When we are together we are hot and when he hangs out with his friends, he gets cold. This is a really tough pairing, but it can work if we compromise with each other.

    I think the only thing we can do is try not to be jealous or needy because that will scare our guys away. I have tried it with my guy and we have been closer. Also, try to do some of the things he wants to do. Being Scorpios, we like to dominate and boss people around sometimes. Let him make some decisions. He will appreciate the fact that you gave him some power. Also, listen to him, let him vent his feelings to you. Listen to what your intuition is telling you about his feelings and gently coax him to talk to you about it. This will help him trust you and know that you will be there for him. Don't take the sometimes inconsiderate things he says too seriously. This will happen often. In his mind, he is saying those things because he loves you and he cares, he just doesn't realize that the words he chooses may hurt your very sensitive feelings. Be patient with him because it is hard for him to commit himself to one person. Don't get too mad if he wants to spend time away from you to be with his friends, or invites you and a bunch of his friends out. Saggis like big groups and us Scorpios don't really like it. It will be one of those things you will have to compromise on. If he loves you, he will be patient with you and accomodate your needs as much as he can.

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