Connection to tarot cards??

  • i've recently been wanting to get tarot cards. my sister got some about a week ago.

    im not sure how to say this, but, for some reason, her cards which she hasnt opened yet (shes reading the book first) her cards keep drawing me to them. theres a literal pulling feeling, as is my mind is being forced towards them. i followed the pull, and it led me to picking up the box of tarot cards. i put my head against the pack of cards and felt this surge. what does this mean???

    im 100% confused!!

  • its energy. bless your deck and do a reading ab out what your new deck will teach you. Its yuour perception that matters and your dignified experience to the deck, learn to trust yourself, tarot is useless if you cannot trust the instinct and immediate intuitive responses you recieve; those are the "cues", no one will get that but the one who draws the cards and experiences the sensation and the ability to to percieve them while applicvation is being applied with the cards.

    tarotteaching- google it put in google ace swords tarot teaching-

    gillian knebel- website; is good as well,

  • i cant use her cards, even tho she hasnt touched them yet. it feels wrong to touch and use someone elses tarot cards.

  • Yes that is for when you get your own.

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