Which date goes with your personality?

  • witchone,

    truth is simple, but the moment you try to explain it, it becomes difficult.

  • It becomes even more difficult when you mix it up with a bunch of random comments.

  • You will remain a superficial being; you cannot attain to

    any profundity, authenticity. You know nothing about

    your own depths. You know about yourself through others,

    what they say. Just the way you know your face through

    the mirror, you are acquainted with yourself through

    other people's opinion; you don't know yourself

    directly. And the opinions that you depend on are of

    those people who are in a similar position: they don't

    know themselves.

  • Bahahaha! I see you're hiding again 🙂 Your pointing fingers at others stating facts about yourself so that you wont feel so infearier. You really DONT know anything about yourself. Your so afraid to break free of those fears that are causing you to hide behind all this mumbo jumbo comments. No one can understand what you are saying half the time, and that is how you use it as a sheild to hide. The rambling allows you to pretend like your are not aware of everyone seeing through your act. I hope one day you are able to get to know the real you. You wont be happy other wise. It's a shame you only go on others opinions. That makes one of us! Aha! As soon as you are able to work out those fears & secrets in the back of your mind, you'll be able to make real friends & show people the real you. Who knows, maybe you'll actually find someone who loves the real you, the you that doesnt have to put up an act to hide from those around. Only then will you be able to have an actual honeymoon 😉


  • Ok, I'm probably going to look kinda stupid here, as I'm not quite sure where it is appropriate for me to post on this topic, but here goes...

    I find it a little unsettling that whenever I read about what my personality supposedly is according to my birth date, time, etc. (people are always giving me books and things on the subject), I'm usually nothing like what is written... and I reach this conclusion only after really trying to look at myself and my behaviors closely and after asking others to read it and tell me truthfully if any of it matches me. I usually find that personality decriptions (positives and negatives) from several days before or several days after my own birthday seem to describe me far more acurately. I don't understand this.

  • EyeofOmega

    I've personally had astrologers admit that your personality & interests go on more than what zodiac sign you are or what date of birth you have. It also goes on how you were raised, the family you grew up in, personal experiences, ect.

    No one under the same sign is completely alike. I know quit afew other cancers, & they all have different interests, family types, & personalities. Although learning about astrology can be fun, it can also give people the idea that it's what controls their lives. But truth be told, the only person that controls your life's interests & choices is you. There are very few people in this world that will know you more than you know yourself. You'll learn new things about yourself everyday, but it's YOU that chooses your personal interests & your personal choices. Dont worry about having someone tell you who you are. You are you, & that's something no one else can be. Be proud of that.

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