Someone give me some insight please...

  • Hey can someone help me please. My cousin for the past 5 days has looked at the time and it has been 5:55. Any insight into what that might mean.

  • Well fives are conflict and choice. 15 reduces to 6. Really its better not to let a number run your thinking.

  • 5 is the number of freedom, versatility and flexibility, and those with 5's in their numerological chart have a greater desire for travel and adventure, are curious about people and crave excitement in life.

    Has your cousin felt restricted or confined by someone or something lately? If so, the universe may be trying to alert or remind her of this. It's possible that she needs to become more adaptable to change... especially if her life has become stagnant or she's unhappy about her current situation.

    Hope that helps. I always seem to look at the clock at 3:04 (which spells hoe backwards), so what's the universe trying to tell me!?!?

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