May I please have a reading for 2011

  • Hey, So I am doing what I need to do everyone opened my eyes this last week and I am busting my but to get a job keep my head held high and know that I can handle anything life thows my way:) It has been a long hard road and I have made it this far!! Anyways thank you everyone for you advice and caring hearts. I was wondering can anyone do a reading to tell me what they see happening in 2011 with me and my family?! Will I have a job soon? Will I be ok with this new baby in a couple weeks? Will I stay with my husband and work through all this? Will I be happy?! I dont want to struggle I dont want to hurt anymore I just want some joys and happiness which I have the last 6 months but feeling a little low now days just because of what is happening in 3 weeks with this baby... I am scared but yet deep down cant wait to meet the little guy!! Thank you all.... Much appreciation.

  • This post is deleted!

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