SOOOOOOO confused... please! Help!

  • PLEASE help! I have no idea which way to go.My birthday is 6-17-67 I have come to the end of myself career wise, relationship wise and my house in being sold in a foreclosure sale sometime in the next month. I'm living 1 day at a time and connot even begin to see tomorrow. I have no money to move anywhere. There is a man in my life who wants to be with me forever but he is so insecure and resentful that he keeps savatoging our potential relationship. Because of finances, I am roomates with my X who I was with for 10years whom I have a 5 yr old son and a business with. I have 4 career oportunities that I have no idea which to make a commitment to. Everything I have done career wise has just not been financially fruitful. Long story short, I'm stuggeling financially, my house is in foreclosure and not sure as what I should do relationship or career wise. I've had a few opportunities but nothing I have tried has been fruitfull as far as making any money. Not sure what I should do! Would love some insight to my life's dillemas!

  • Hi, Don't worry about the ex's or current relationship. Focus on yourself for right now. If they help you fine, you don't need any commitments. Have you tried to check into re-training. There are probably grants or loans that would help you with finances. Check out your area Work Force center. The unemployment office. Sometimes, they will help finance an education, retraining. I believe it's called the workforce re-investment act. I just feel that you need to accept that your the captain of your own ship and go on from there. It's not easy but sometimes there is a hidden opportunity there. Ends create new beginnings.

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