Is the string of bad luck something i deserve?

  • It seems that my life for the last year has been nothing but a string of bad luck, i wonder if i really deserve it, if its karma. Im not perfect i know this but i really have tried to live my life as a good person, i truly care about people i try to do good deeds when i can. I try to think in a positive way but its becoming more difficult by the day. I try to stay happy and stand up for what i think is right even if im standing alone. I lost all of my close friends recently, it seems like this happens allot, i have these huge life changing moments where i feel abandoned by the people i care about usually when i going through difficult things. I tired of doing it alone and i am lonely i really dont feel ive ever done anything to deserve this kind of treatment. Does anyone feel the same way, any advice? do you think that i bring it on myself somehow?

  • Your so-called bad luck is nothing but life lessons sent to make you more aware of who and what you are and what your purpose is. It's not just you - we all go through it and we all survive in one way or another depending on how positive we are. It's not a punishment, it's a message. If you change your attitude, you will also change your luck.

    You need to go back and reevaluate your ideals and goals and beliefs because you may find they have changed without you realising it. Life is reminding you that is the simple basic way of life that will serve you best. Maybe your life has become too complex or complicated and the Universe is simply removing the things you didn't really need - even the people. Use this freedom and time to reconnect with the simpler pleasures of life - don't let any insecurity about appearing unsophisticated or gauche stop you from enjoying yourself. Stop doing what you think you SHOULD do and do what you WANT to do. Any outdoors physical activity will help you regain your sense of simplicity and renewal of spirit. Cut away anything in your life that is not you anymore. Get back to basics so that you can see things more clearly without all the clutter. Rediscover your sense of passion and what really matters to you. When you know what you really want, you can go for it.

    Lose any preoccupation with justice - if your survival is dependent on everyone playing fair with you, then you won't survive for long. Start playing fair with yourself by not giving to others beyond a point that feels comfortable, even if you know nothing will be reciprocated. And if you waiting to find the perfect partner or an ideal committed relationship to be happy and fulfilled, then you will be waiting a long time, because real completeness only comes through approving of yourself and pursuing activities that are meaningful to you. As to everyone leaving you, maybe that was because deep down you have a fear that too much emotional support might just engulf and drown you or that you need to work through a fear being ignored or passed over.

    Regain that pioneering, independent spirit I know you have inside. Use your instincts to further your own success.

  • "Lose any preoccupation with justice - if your survival is dependent on everyone playing fair with you, then you won't survive for long. Start playing fair with yourself by not giving to others beyond a point that feels comfortable, even if you know nothing will be reciprocated."

    That is so true!!!

  • very true, thanks for replying, It just seems like i start doing well and something pushes me back down, a one step forward to steps back kinda thing i guess. Ive been doing my best to stay positive and true to myself. Ive had other times like this, i guess its an opportunity to start fresh again. I know that if i didn't learn things the hard way i wouldnt learn anything at all. In a way i feel kind of blessed, like the lessons i learn from the hard times are gifts.

  • Well hallelujah Captain, that is a message to us all.

  • Angellovesu, whenever you feel you are taking that backward step, pause to assess your attitude at the time. For sure, it is negative thoughts and feelings like giving up, feeling beaten, or insecurity and self-doubt that causes you to backstep, and positive thinking that moves you forward again. If you can catch yourself in time, you can turn any backwards movement into forward propulsion simply by changing your attitude from helpless victim to successful achiever. Those who are successful are not people who have never failed - in fact, they have failed more times than anyone else but they just keep getting up, dusting themselves off, learn to appreciate the lesson they have been taught, and keep trying until they eventually do succeed.

  • Honey, life rains on the just and the injust. That is just the way life rolls sometimes. Sometimes, we do need a cosmic duh moment, others, just a deeper lesson or level of awareness.

    I call them character builders.

    I think that we often times make the mistakes of not trusting ourselves to our own lives. I have been very guilty of this. Sad to say, but true.

    I honestly feel that you are true and real and the best path for your life is to find people like you. These trials can simply be life's way of weeding out the ones who do not match your chosen path.

    I wish you well!

  • Amen Captain !! Amen. ourselves only provide ownership to ourselves. No one else.

    Are you familiar with the scripture to whom much is given much is required?

    Well, you give so much, so much is required from you. And it is only given in love and trust to you from our divine existence. You have all the skills to separate right from wrong and the path you need to walk on. Yet, as humans, we sometimes doubt and fail. Not really a big deal, just part of our lesson. Part of our purpose to give of what we have been given.

    To rightly divide the truth is an incredible gift. You have it. You use your gift well.

    Do you know the scripture where it says to train like an athelete, setting your focus on the goal of winning of the prize? That is you Captain. You are only happy and content if your team is winning. You are running a race not for just yourself, but for many. My prayers of support go up for you. Stay strong, stay trained........stay aware of whom you are in the need for many...

    Only me, for you,


  • angellovesu,

    Great insight and advice here. It helps me to see things as cyclic, lessons I've been resistant to learn will repeat. There are high energy and high Spirit times and there are more vulnerable ones.

    Think on the Chariot card and try and remain balanced in the center as things shift around you. It's the ego that resists and gets bruised our Spirit is strong.

    I find w/ age looking back one can see all the disappointments one's walked thru and appreciate them for their lessons and gifts (not always comfortable in the moment). Try gently shifting your focus to something in your life that brings you joy and you can experience love. Captains right this is part of life and "this too shall pass" you will have a better time ahead of you before you know it.

    Cheers P

  • Thanks for your kind words, Taurus7. 🙂 And Pfree, you should start up your own thread for giving good sensible advice and support - you are excellent at it. Most often I think that is what people need rather than any spooky psychic info. 🙂 An objective opinion from an unbiased observer is always worth its weight in gold.

  • angellovesu I trust you are feeling better?

    Thank you Captain dear... must say my Ego got a bit fluttery on that flag for me. I've been told that before, but I have resistance because I do have a huge Ego and make lots a mistakes by letting it lead me. I'm sorta hesitant to start that up in a ownership way in fear of putting foot in mouth and hurting another human being. I can lack tact 🙂

    I trust I have not trampled on your threads? And I apologize for talking about myself on angellovesu's.

    I do enjoy supporting others and sharing life experience tho. Empathy. I have not fine tuned my empathic skills by any means. Sometimes just putting our selves out here to help be witness to others struggles is enuff. Some one to "get" us, hear us, be present to us. I know I have times I just want another to hold my hand so to speak as I work w/ my "issues." Alas that's usually not the case and hindsight being what it is it's good to look back and see what we've done and can do. Our Spirit and it's Fortitude.

    Ego again ? 🙂 or healthy self esteem? This is where I have to stop being in my head 🙂

    Cheers P

  • Pfree, at least you are aware of your faults. It's when we are not aware that trouble occurs.

  • I am feeling much better thank you, its nice to get opinions and advice from people that don't actually know you sometimes, it tends to soak in better. I have very few friends i actually talk to anymore so sometimes just writing something down where someone but me can see it feels good. You can talk about yourself on my threads anytime it doesnt bother me.

  • very true, i fear i have some faults im not willing to admit to myself or others

  • But nobody's perfect...yet.

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