Hi I would like a reading

  • You are wrong many frauds on here in fact are practicing so they can later on take money from people. I see this done all the time on many different websites. Then there are people that want to make a difference so they read what you wrote and tell you things based ON PSYCHOLOGY while they claim to be psychic. A psychologist can tell you what Dailoite told me. A real psychic gives details. Oh and the person that I went to never told me to go back. Not all frauds are like that some would be happy to make a quick buck and care less if you come back. The thing you explained about someone being in jail most likely was a guess because they didn't tell you who. They didn't give you details and they asked you a question. I had someone tell me that someone in my family has heart problems. Anyone can have heart problems and nothing came true for me even when my uncle did and I never told her. A similar thing happened to my grandmother where the same lady told her that someone would end up in jail (yes my grandmother had a similar experience as to yours) it happened but then she told her she would also win the lottery. Some frauds have scripts like in movies and they have them memorized. This person was not psychic she was making things up and she just happened to guess right.

    I don't want a reading because I know they will use my previous post to give answers. Which is also why they never answered my first question. I never give out info about myself only a question, birth date and first name. I have read your question actually and I am sorry to say they will tell you things based on humans and how they act. You give to much info about yourself and that will get you an answer a therapist would give. It will not be a psychic answer. I know this because I have made the same mistakes. I have also been to a therapist before as I studied psychology myself. I wanted to be a therapist so I know what they say and what fake psychics say are the same things. A real psychic would have told you who was in jail that he was your child's father.

    No real psychic asks questions unless they absolutely need to and that is very rare. From what you wrote you ran into someone like I did so many times that wasn't really who they claimed to be. Please believe me when I say this. Most therapists can tell you what people on here will tell you. I actually feel very sad that you have had such horrible trouble in your life.

    I am not a cruel person however I do not reward lies. I don't know why you are not understanding me if she wanted to be respected she would not make anything up and she was wrong about everything about me.

  • The reason why I also say they are frauds is because they have no business giving out mini therapy sessions. Most of these people most likely do not have the proper training in such matters. Humans are predictable they do things in vicious circles. I've known people who had terrible lives since childhood and when they grew up there children ended up having the same kind of life. Violence and hurt is a gift that keeps on giving. It will never end because it keeps on being passed down not by genetics (well some of that too) but also your experiences and they can affect how you treat your children. This makes humans predictable and great prey for psychic frauds.

  • I'm sorry, but you don't know nearly what you think you know. I am smart enough to realize when someone is giving me advice that comes from some kind of Freudian thinking or if it's coming from messages they are getting. And the woman I saw who told me someone was in jail? She also nailed something (very personal that I will not get into here) on the head that was going on with my son. I didn't ask for that info, she got it. So you think what you want, I'll think what I want, and we can both go our merry way. However, I have to wonder if you are so skeptical and so quick to jump to the conclusion that everyone is out to fraud you, why do you even want a reading?

  • And you don't know anything either. I had a fraud tell me the exact illnesses of my parents and nothing ever came to pass when it came to me. I am not nice to frauds as I have seen them destroy lives. You clearly think it is ok for them to do that. The reading I got on here was not real as it had nothing to do with me and I knew it. I do NOT believe a normal person would ever tell me to thank someone like that. But you did. I do not believe people are out to get me either I never have but I do know that the person who answered my question was a fake.

  • I want a reading because I believe they exist but have not met someone who actively reads. Every single one I have ever met was not real as nothing came to pass it does not matter if they took money or not only have been to about three who have the rest lied to me for free. I have already posted what was wrong with the answer I was given on here.

  • Well I think you sound ridiculous to be honest. It was established on page one that the reader did not get her information from any divine source, she just read your cards, like I could and you could. You never asked for a clairvoyant reading, you didn't put it on the psychic thread, you put it on the tarot thread. I'm just saying......if you've had so many bad experiences why keep coming back for more? I'm done with this conversation, you're never going to see what I was trying to say. If you know it all already you'd think you'd know when love was coming into your life too! Good luck to you.

  • saje043 This took me awhile but I figured it out , "who silvereve is", she is just under another name to stir the pot at tarot aagin..So many of us have tried to help her but her mind is closed...and until silvereve opens that part , only then she will get all the answers she is seeking, i am also done with this thread because she will not stop until she gets her negativity to spread like a wild fire, i really thought with some time away silvereve, your heart would have soften, i really do wish you peace and love...


  • Who has time in their life for that nonsense? Ah well. Peace and love to you from me Sheila! Beautiful name by the way, it's my sister's name too!

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