Hi I would like a reading

  • My name is Jacqueline and I was born July 29, 1989.

    I was really wondering if I will be able to find love this upcoming new year?

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  • Hi Jacqueline, I'm going to concentrate on present as I don't like to look into future. Seems issues at present are what leads to future anyway.

    I'm not surprised that your a Leo as I pulled the King of Swords as your center. Have a strong sense of self. Might be attracted to older types, might be guided by parental influence. Follow your heart. Your reading seems to point to getting your life in alignment. Seems to be what you have always struggled with. Need to be honest with yourself more than anything. You have strong abilities. The Ace of Swords is below your center. This is positive.

    You will have a hard time (and have had a hard time) if you don't align your life basically. I really have no idea why its telling you this. What I get from the reading is to be true to yourself, first. Seems to be saying if you don't deal with this new way of thinking or alignment in your life things are at a stand-still that will not be beneficial in any way. Could even cause great deal of hurt and pain later.

    Hope this helps and you can relate in some way.

  • I'm sorry but your answer has not answered my question nor does it have anything to do with me at all.

    Sorry but I was looking for a real psychic that can help me.

  • My goodness, that was so rude. The people on here doing readings give themselves and their time for free. The least you could do, was to say thank you.

  • I was stating the truth not being rude. Her answer does not relate to me at all. There are many frauds out there that say they are psychic. I have met many of these frauds and have seen them destroy lives.

  • I will also like to add that I will not lie and pretend that an answer has something to do with me if it does not. If you find that rude then there is something wrong with you.

  • All you had to do was say thanks for the reading, thanks for your time....something. You didn't have to lie and say it was helpful if it wasn't. But the person did take the time to attempt a reading. If you don't want a tarot reading you should specify that. Ask for a channeled reading or guided reading perhaps.

  • I didn't say thanks because I dislike encouraging people to make things up. I have seen people like this hurt others. It is not right for a person to pretend they are psychic. Some people are in desperate need of help. I have asked psychics questions on the internet before and many were false and nothing came to pass. I return sometimes to those websites only to see desperate people become hopeful and later hurt when nothing happens. That is terrible behavior and not at all ethical. I have done what you have wrote I used to tell psychics thanks and move on but the above happened. I regret not saying something maybe people would not have asked that person questions if only I said something.

  • I don't think the reader ever claimed to be "psychic"....she read your cards. And again, you can still say wow maybe my energy was blocked, I don't recognize any of that but thanks so much for your time.....whatever. No skin off my nose, good luck getting another reading!

  • Silvereve, A tarot reading is an 11-card spread and it's detailed. You can't answer a question yes or no. Invariably, you will meet someone--so, if you want a fraud, go and find someone to answer that way. Whether you find love is another question. The real question is the right kind of love. The reading as far as I can remember had the king of swords in the center and ace of swords below which is positive (that's you.) The cards pointed to aligning your life in the right direction to find happiness. I don't know what this means--only you. If it doesn't hit home, it doesn't. I have never been paid for readings. Only do them here. Look back on this maybe in a couple years and you may make sense of it.

  • I will not make sense of it because it has nothing to do with me or my life at all. I am not looking for a fraud either as I have stated in quite a few posts on here. Your answer was not detailed at all it was a generalization of some type. It could apply to anyone on here. That does not equal detail. It is also not the answer to my original question it seems more of a guess about my life. Which is wrong by the way. My life is nothing like what you described.

  • I would also like to add that making your answer to my question my fault is appalling. And typical of frauds.

  • You have made it abundantly clear that you did not like it. I did tarot cards. I did not give you a psychic reading, channeling, clairvoyent. I read the cards as they were presented. You solicited help. I think you need a punching-bag. I don't have a victim mentality.

  • I'm just keepin' my mouth shut.........

  • Silvereve, You my dear have allot to learn if you are wanting readings from anyone at tarot, first you disrespected Daliolite..then others..Do you know the readers,seers et. volunteer from their hearts to use there gifts, if you did you would certainly thank them for their time and maybe get the reader to explain what she or he was seeing or be guided to see..NO, you had to blast someone who was gracious enough to give you some insight..I guess i could give you some insight but i won't because of the negativity you have poured onto this post of yours..Maybe, time to grow up and not stomp up and down when someone offers you some insight..I see jut some anger in you, which is very sad...

    peace and light


  • Please do not tell me the difference between real psychics/tarot readers. I knew a gifted tarot reader who has since stopped reading. She has stopped now because of fear due to a tragic prediction that came true. Real psychics can give out real details about your life. What Daliolite told me was a definition of 2 cards she pulled and made up a few things about me. I can do the same because my tarot cards are lying right beside me on my table. I cannot read them however because I am no psychic and am not able to derive anything from them. To me they are just cards made out of paper. I do have a book with the cards definitions though :D.

    Now let's go through what is wrong with Daliolite answer

    No I am not interested in older men unless you count one year older then me as old nor am I interested in younger men unless only a year younger then me. I am very strict about this. I am in no way guided by parental influence either. Could care less what my parents think. My life is in alignment. I am quite honest with myself and I know exactly what I want just need to find it and when I can which is why I asked. If you are trying to tell me that I have STRONG psychic abilities then you are wrong as well. I have had only one or two instances in my entire life that could be counted as psychic. I am true to myself which is why your original post to be wrong. It is also not my fault that your reading is false it is yours because you ran into a person who KNOWS this is wrong and was not afraid to say it. Bad or unreadable energy my behind.

    PS The only reason I have said what is because I will not be asking more questions here (Don't need people reading my posts via clicking on my screen name). I have a feeling if I gave more information about myself out in my original question the answer I would be vastly different. Then I could be "read" via human predictability and psychology. I know exactly how psychic frauds work. The last thing that bothers me is that you people actually believe that a lie is okay if someone has the time to write it out. Being a good honest person who will tell the truth is not a priority here. Making someone feel better by pretending to be a psychic is not a good way to be a good person. Go to school get a degree in psychology if you want to "read people and help".

  • Also, myjourney you sense anger and I sense frauds. I have a fraud radar LOL. Though I know this because I have seen MANY psychic frauds not because I am psychic. Man the stories I can tell on here of all the lies I've been told are astounding. They are quite bizarre. One of them couldn't accept the fact that I was never married and I was only 20 then. She repeated that I was married at least seven times. When she finally accepted it she told me I would be married in a few months I didn't even have a boyfriend at the time. She later described him as a guy who would shower me with gifts. Then she told me that another guy would be jealous and would try to steal me away from the other guy. LOL it sounded like a soap opera and the best part is that she recorded it. This psychic was into cartomancy. Funny no? My grandmother thought it was hilarious and she is a pretty big believer in psychics too.

  • Firstly, good for you deciding not to ask for more readings....I doubt you'll get them anyway. Heck I'm having a hard time getting one and I'm nice! 😉 I think you are looking for something in particular and if you don't hear it you are going to cry foul no matter what the advice is. To my knowledge, the person that did your cards did not say she had psychic visions about this, she said she read your cards. And yes, you can read cards without being an actual clairvoyant. I do it all the time. All you have to do is meditate with your cards, get to know them and the meanings, and say a prayer to your guides and angels to show you what you need to know in the reading and you'll get something pretty accurate. But--and this is the important part--you have to be open to it. By that I don't mean you have to believe everything someone tells you, I mean you have to recognize what fits and what doesn't, and even keep in mind the things you don't think fit because they may become relevant later. I had a psychic ask me once "who is in jail right now?" I didn't know anyone who was currently in jail, so I said "no one" and thought how odd of a question was that? I found out a few days later that my children's' father, unbeknown to me, had been in jail for about two weeks. Good thing I didn't curse her for a charlatan! She also told me I was going to travel overseas that year and that I'd be married by the time I was 24 (and I was 27 at the time).....but from what I understand the info true 'seers' get is at times a bit garbled.....and even they know they can never be accurate 100% of the time. What I did was focus on the info that she gave me that WAS accurate and helpful. I saw her three times. None of those times did she tell me what I was hoping to hear when I walked into her home, but just because I didn't get the answer I was looking for doesn't mean I didn't get some good info that I needed and helped me.

    If you are so reluctant to believe anything but what YOU feel is 100% accuracy, I suggest you stop looking for any kind of psychic reading. Just my humble opinion.

  • I'd like to add that one of the biggest ways to spot a fraud is that they will tell you that you need more work and suggest a game plan on how many more visits you need and how much money you'll need to spend. A true psychic, even if you pay them, will not suggest you come back and spend more.

    I highly doubt anyone that is on this site offering their time and gifts for free are out to just tell a bunch of fibs. What would be in it for them? A true fraud would be out there telling fibs for money. lol

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