• could u do a love and compatibility reading for me am really confused about this guy. my b day is 4/29/40 his is 2/19/47 thank you so much. foxiee 1

  • Foxi Love is Strength; you must show you at least have efforts and time to give to do a "book" search on your potential spouse. The nymbers added up and reduced if you want to run your life out of a book. Love is STRENGTH, Pateince and persevering in love. Astro and Numerical readings do NOT I repeat DO not tell you the level of ascension, natyre, nurture, self love, self worth, choices, life phases, honesty, experience, personal reality interests, trials, and tribulations and son on...that actuallyt make a person who they are. If you are confused about yourself you will always be confussed about a guy. Never rush step by step. You must be grounded with inner harmony to manifest love. LOVE does not manifest on lack of self trust, confidence and integrity. Love manifest on inner trust, inner peace, self love and worth, inner confidence, inner pateince and so onIf you TRUTHFULLY know you; you would now what you want for yourself then for a relationship and WHEN you get there you will not be asking these questions and you will not ever be confussed about a guy.

  • Best to you:)!

  • Confusion attracts confusion. You attract becuase people and situations present lessons. You attract what you resonate inside that remains passive at many times to others.

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