Dear Captain, soul mate advice needed

  • Dear Captain,

    I created a new topic as not to totally confuse it with my previous forum topic. Thank you for your help with my soul mate. I am seeking to gain insight of how to turn challenges that occur during the course of my dating my soul mate into stepping stones for growth. Aside from the love I feel for my cancer soul mate, I feel that this connection is to bring is to bring about much growth. I am taking your advice by not seeking to change the person but to look at things in myself that may affect the relationship I.e. like underlying themes and attitudes. I hope that makes sense... Somehow this cutting away is related to my soul mate, my path, and empath ability development. I feel like understanding these things better will help travel the path I was meant to take that I have ignored and feared for too long. Somehow this all relates to my soul mate, my empath abilities and understanding my and developing the empath abilities to help family first then others and Akashic Records.

    I recently had my astrological chart reading done on the website here - sagitarius sun, acquarius moon, and cancer rising... how would the acquarius and cancer aspects come into play in the relationship.

    Do you foresee a deepening of the relationship or marriage in the future with this cancer man? Just want to be sure it is not more of a wishful thinking on my part than true gut feeling. In the area of my own love life, it can sometimes be hard to differiate. One thing that came up in the astrological reading that it would be important for me to find freedom through responsibility rather than freedom from responsibility.. For some reason, I feel this may be a key in understanding how not to feel trapped or controlled that might happen in the future. Almost as if I need to find the freedom I seek in day to day things somehow. Do you have any insight that would clarify that further?


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