Guy friend.. what should I do?

  • Me and this wonderful guy have intense feelings for each other. I can tell that he likes me a lot - he actually told me he did, but it's obvious anyhow. The only problem is I'm waiting for marriage and he won't date someone who won't have sex. This is a huge issue for us. We both we found the perfect person, then this. I don't know what to do. Should I continue pursuing this or should I give up and just be friends?

  • Stay strong woman! If this man respects you and wants a commitment he will not push the issue. Tell him if hes just wanting hot sex then he needs to look elsewhere that You are wanting to be with one person only and that person needs to walk you down the isle before you are willing to give it up. Tell him YOU wont date someone that doesnt respect YOUR boundries...and a man that is worthy of you will love the fact that you waited for your very special wedding day. Good for you Golden Egg. Keep up the good work. I love to see that their are still self respecting woman out there. WOOT WOOT! this may be a classic case of another man that does not want to commit but wants all the benefits of a commited partner. You have strong values and he may love that about you since he wont have to worry about you doing him harm, but can you say the same about him???

  • Hi, My question is how long have you known this person. This is a common question, actually. Judging from your post, seems like this is the predominant question. You get along immensely. Is that accurate. Think about it. If your struggling with truth, this is my answer-- back away for awhile. All teachers that I have trusted say *** isn't the main issue.

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