Taureans torrid year!

  • Why have Taureans had such a cough time since approximately a year ago(April 2008 - 2009) with no sign of improvement. I suspected my ex (Virgo) was having an affair and I remember distinctly the feelings of dread when I read in his Tarot.com horoscope that the decision was made and there was no going back. Since then he has gone from strength to strength and I have struggled so much with depression and illness. When will things turn around for me? does anyone have any words of comfort for me?

    It was such a blow and to make matters worse he actually took my job when I was advised to go home sick and was subsequently dismissed because I could not come to terms with the loss of our relationship. so- massive blows to self-esteem. The only thing which stopped me doing anything drastic is the love for my daughter and the support of some wonderful friends.

    Any light at the end of this tunnel?

  • I did of course mean 'tough' year! I could have coped with a cough!

  • I agree with you!! It was a HORRIBLE year for me too. You are not alone!! Hope things are getting better for you.

  • Even though I am not a Taurus,I feel sorry for you guys and I hope everything gets well soon.

  • Apple,

    You are a strong a powerful sign! Very sexy and savy! Until you give your power away...and you did. Hey, you trusted,thats ok....but, getting burnt...well...it is back to the basics..the drawing board. Learn how to crawl again..then walk again...then RUN! The metaphors are for your rebuilding. No one can rebuild and reinvent like a Taurus! You are...repeat to yourself...I AM. This is not a pep talk....this is hard...but your baptism by fire is like the forest burning down and coming back more beautiful and vibrant than before! You just cannot see it yet,....but when you do..and you will..sooner than later...by rebuilding...truly you and the situation will be much stronger than before! You may actually need this! Your awesome...I believe!!

  • apple

    i am virgo and was in love with a taurus male for 2008 and most of this year too. he was non-committal, just wanted physical without emotional. (so he said, but it was obvious he couldnt do that, the emotions were very strong). tore my heart to pieces. still does. the last 2 to 3 years for me has been about rebuilding (ego, sense of self, place int he world) and its been very tough, not easy at all. i'm beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel -- i think the end of this year will mark the passing of a huge phase of change, and the beginning of the next stage of life. big stuff for sure. i feel for you, you are not alone.

    big changes hurt a lot, but are usually good for us in the end. if it comes abruptly, perhaps it means your path was not the right one and you had to change.

    keep looking forward and it will get easier.

  • What a year indeed, fellow Taurean here, I thought it was just me.

  • this has been a great year for me, but 2006 - mid 2008 was really bad

    I don't know if 2010 will be a good year for everyone else, but life has to go on anyway right?

    I made it through 2006, all bruised in 2007 LOL but 2007 was at least better

    than 2008 came recession, I wasn't even ready for another bruise but hey I made it.

    not losing a single possession to debt or anything.

    I cut everything down to basics though but that's not big deal

    we don't use them all anyway and with recession many businesses are cutting down prices

    according to my guide, 2010 will be another good year for me

    but then again if I make wrong decision of course it will not be that good

    so let's just face it as it comes and do our best

  • I didn't mean to say 2009 was bad exactly but it wasn't without it's challenges. I do agree though 2006-2008 for me were tough as well. Family stresses, fire, displacement, unemployment, car issues what a trying time but one we overcame, not completely unbruised by fairing alright. Here's hoping 2010 is an awesome year for us all.

  • well I'm saying 2009 is good because in times of recession we don't lose a thing

    a job, yes, but then we got business opportunities that pay more than the job

    plus spiritually the universe sent me many kinds of help, the work i've been doing since 2006 came to culmination this year so it's a wonderful year

    we are protected financially and physically, spiritually and emotionally

    all starting from mid 2008, which was the start of recession really

    2006 was bad for me, because I had to leave my job for spiritual reason. I started a business too, so the period 2006-mid 2008 was really beginning of everything and learning new things, but mid 2008 - now it's where I harvest the fruit of hardwork.

    It wasn't bad for hubby at all, since the universe took care of us. Just when I couldn't contribute money, he ended up with a lot of over time due to projects that needed his skills. my family has become independent I didn't have to support them anymore. his family sent him money they won, because he used to support his mother so it's more like what we have done in the past, returned to us just when we needed it.

    I had my doubts whether the universe would help us get through it. But it did so I have no doubts anymore. As long as I follow guidance, I never have to worry about anything anymore.

  • I'm so glad that this thread exists. As a fellow Taurus, I have to agree, mid '08- all of '09 was pretty lousy. Abusive relationships, lay offs, having to do the most ridiculous things even with a job to be able to afford a roof over my head. I had no heat, hot water, or stove (gas stove) for 6 months from March-October with little to no money to even afford to buy food. Just your typical American household right now I suppose, going hungry to pay the bills. I take public transit and walk, and got jumped one morning walking to work because I couldn't find $2 for the bus. Then physical injury, workplace stress, and the general depression and discontent. It felt like being a gerbil caught in a wheel forced to run for its life with the SS nearby waiting to pull the trigger.

    However, I do also sense that this is the beginning of the end for us Taureans. I believe that things are wrapping up, not necessarily in the way we want but perhaps in the way they should, and we will be able to release ourselves from these burdens that for so long have been out of our control to discard. We're never given an obstacle that we are not also given the tools with which to conquer. It just sucks in the meantime.

    I must also acknowledge that while it's been one doozy of a year for us, it's been significantly worse for others- we had the best overall outlook this year of everybody's bad year. Plus we're the most financially and career savvy and outwardly adaptable when needed, being able to survive with nothing and make it work. For some, that was a nearly impossible feat. For most of us, it certainly at least felt that way, pausing from time to time for a meltdown or a "How am I even managing to pull this off?"

    It's almost over, just a while longer and we can all move forward. Sending my love to all of you reading this, and to those not. I truly mean that. We can all use some extra love and comfort nowadays. Here's to the old year passing, the new year dawning, and to the universe finally sending back some of the good karma I know we've been putting out there.



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