• Greetings!

    I noticed 5 ORBS in my pic..one is near my heart!

    Any suggestions?


  • Hi, Five is significant. Have you been going thru changes.

  • Greetings!


  • yes, I recently moved to another state...I lost my beloved pet last Oct. 28 of cancer. You wouldn't believe what I've been going through SPIRITUALLY!

    When I lived in the other apt. in a different state...the blender went off at 4:AM..her blanket is MISSING..never found

    I heard my girl cry and saw her..just the back half of her

    I smelled something twice in my kitchen ..smelled like under arm BO ..SMoke! I had her cremated...I was thinking it may have been her...only happened twice.

    Other things...

    The only weird thing that happened in this NEW apt. is that the TV went off when NO one was in my bedroom, except my 2nd rescue..no way could she have turned on that TV.

    Yep, I would I am going throught changes...I miss my baby girl.

    Thank you for ur response

    Blessed BE!

  • It means you have dust in your lens or dust was floating by. It is always - ALWAYS - dust.

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