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  • Hello everyone please say prayers for my sister who just lost her ex-husband & friend this morning after a long battle with cancer. She is not holding up very well, and please pray that my son who is helping her to bring the remains home that he has a safe trip to Portland and finally to pray that I can help to get them thru this by being strong & compassionate. (In am coordinating for them) and to have the right words of comfort for them and to be at peace with my brother in law & friend

  • Shadowmist, I am so sorry for you and your family's loss of loved ones to cancer. I pray for all of you to receive the peace and blessings of the infinite to give you comfort and strength now and in the coming days. I also pray for those who have passed to rest in peace and love within your hearts, now and forever.


  • shadowmist, so sorry to hear of the loss for your sister. How nice that your son can go there to be of help in bringing them home. We reach our our prayers of comfort and sympathy to your dear ones. No words are ever perfect when one loses someone that you love but hopefully it helps in some small way to know that others care and offer their support and friendship during these difficult times. Find strength in the love of your family. Find peace in knowing the suffering has ended. Find comfort in the memories of times you shared with someone so special. God Bless you all.

  • Shadowmist,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sister in this time of loss. Just being there for your sister is a wonderful thing...sometimes words are not needed, when words fail us sometimes our actions speak the loudest....

    God be with you through the times ahead.

  • Oh Shadowmist, I so feel you. I too lost a friend and sister of choice to cancer 2 nights ago. We are waiting for her husband to arrive from Portland. Passes and emotions are too messy to drive. I send my arms and heart to your sister and your whole family. Tissue is ready if you need to chat love. ~Father may you provide strength, peace and lots of love to this family in their time of sorrow and pain. May your love and grace surround them and help them to move in the ways You would have them to. May your love lift them and fill the void that has been left. Thank You God for hearing us, loving us and never leaving us alone. Amen~

    I will be watching for you ... I will be here too for you.

  • Thank you Emereaux I just finished coordinating of the cremation and to bring my brother in law home - after dealing with the hospital & the cremation funeral home I feel so drained and I don't know where I am getting the strength or information from that has enable me to do this. I have never had to coordinate a death before especially since I am in Florida, my brother in law was in Portland Oregon & my son who will be bringing the ashes back is in Maryland. I am so worried for my sister she is not doing so well and she can't handle this. When the doctor called to remove him from life support I had to get tough with her and it really upset me even though I didn't show it.

    And now I am working on coodinating a memorial service for his friend in San Francisco & other parts of the country as well. I think I am going to lay down & rest for an hour before my sister gets here to finish the paper work to release the ashes to my son and email him a list of things to bring back the rest will be picked up at a later date I just keep praying for strength to help her

  • Thank you everyone it seems both of my phones do not stop ringing!!!

    I am so sorry for your loss feangelikah it is so hard to lose someone to cancer - but hopefully some good will come from the experimental treatments he was going thru (he was using himself as a guine pig in hopes of finding a cure) he was a very smart chemist/scientist so he knew the risks & what these experimental treatments could do

    Thank you RC I keep praying for guidence on the next steps to take - I already have the name of a good financial planner for her (she & her husband were divorced but he left her in charge of everything & left her everything of hers she doesnt know that she will be secure the rest of her life and I feel it is not up to me to tell her. That is why I am trying to proctect her & what she will inherent & I am having her make an appointment with the attorney.

  • shadowmist it sounds like you are being the best sister, adviser and protector you can be, your sister is lucky to have your help and support. It sounds like you have taken good first steps, definitely speak to an attorney to resolve the affairs and a financial planner can't hurt. I must say I impressed that your brother in law, well ex b.i.l. had the decency to leave what he did to your sister. Whatever transpired between them he couldn't have been all bad to have done so to provide for her and the family. You must give credit where credit is due after all. It is good of your son to help out in such an important way too. I'm sure your sister appreciates it very much. Perhaps when it's all said and done any pain or animosity over the divorce will be erased by his last good gesture. My deepest sympathies to your family and know that you are doing the right thing in stepping forward to help, God provides strength at times when we feel it most escapes us. I'm sure he is proud of your efforts.

  • "embrace her divine self with truth and divine higher awareness" May she be embraced with divine endings and divine beginings" May she enrace her divine femininity in divine balance and divine harmony"

  • Ya know RC i was thinking last night before I collapsed in bed that I wished my divorce was as good as my sisters. They remained friends (they were each others 1st love) and I always told andy no matter what you are family so when they came to me to do their divorce I was heart-broken but I understood why they divorced - he was in bad shape & didnt want her to live thru the experimental treatments and my sister could not handle the emotional changes and the toll that it took on his body. But andy had a joy for life & the need to find a cure for is type of cancer he was a very smart man and very intelligent & we used to have some lively discussions 🙂 I gave him a run for his money with my illogical way of thinking

  • Good morning all I finally have a few minutes of peace & quiet. I wanted to thank eveyone again for their prayers.

    I have done everything I can for now and the really hard part is the waiting. My son will be there tomorrow afternoon and I thank the lord for his military training as he will have the hard part of inventorying everything & packing up the belonings that we will be bring back at the end of january. I was able to post my sisters wishes for a memorial of sorts on my brother in laws fb page. Out of practicality & cost and to make it easier for all of his friends and our family (and after my sister thought about it yes they think I am quirky :)) what a better way to celebrate hope, love & friendships than to celebrate the coming new year; which is new beginnings. Each of his friends can raise a toast & celebrate his life instead of mourning the loss of a very special person.

    On New Years I will be saying thank you & sending prayers for all of you

  • Shadowmist,

    You are so strong to get through such a difficult time with such grace. Strength seems to come when we need it the most - your sister is so lucky to have you. I too will lift a glass to the memory of your brother in law, and to you and your family as well tomorrow night....and to all that are fighting cancer right now. I'm a cancer survivor of a year now. I know I couldn't have gotten through it without the support of my dear sister. My heart goes out in prayer to all who are going through this challenge.


  • I am so glad that you are a survivor Emereaux!! May you have many more years with us.

    I have lost so many family & friends to this horrible disease that it seems like it just sticks with me. I just found out that my sister in law's sister in law has throat cancer and the doctor has given her only several months & her neice who I adore has brain cancer so I am hoping to see her today to offer her what strength I have.

  • Wow Sweety I am adding you to my prayer warrior list. For those that give and give and careful love and do get rest and drink your water! lol ~ HUGE HUGE HUGS to you Shadowmist

    I am beat it is now almost 330am and I have had approx. 9 hrs sleep in 72hrs of real time so...Angels on your pillows everyone

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