Are we compatible? Help please

  • I have worked out these numbers.. can someone please tell me if we are compatible?


    Birth Number - 9

    Soul Number - 5

    Destiny Number - 7

    Personality Number - 11/2

    Ultimate Goal - 7

    Pinnacle - 6


    Birth Number - 11/2

    Soul Number - 5

    Destiny Number - 5

    Personality Number - 9

    Ultimate Goal - 7

    Pinnacle - 9

    Thank you


  • This post is deleted!

  • I was born in early January and I am in my thirties.Jan 10 1979. I am a counselor and spiritual healer. I have a psyche degree and a Masters. I am on Vacation till Jan 5th and became a part of this blog about two weeks ago. I am a number one by numerology so I should be a entertainer or leader of a pack in my career as numerology says and I should be about earth and a practical business man says astrology. Be carefull living a life out of a book and not paying close attention to your partner. If you expect all the answers up front, what integrity do you have? Love recquires integrity and patience. I have a loving wife and she is a Sag" and we have been together married for three years going on 4 now and total we have know eachother for 5 going on 6.

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