Please, could anyone do a reading for me?

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  • Hi Alenabrz, I would like to do a reading for you. I am new to this, so will mention the negative as well as positive aspects because don't know you personally. I have been doing some for myself and it helps if I meditate on it awhile. Thanks.

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  • You have been thru a difficult time of change. What has seemed to be true is no longer. Trying to meet basic needs. Your reading is pointing to relying on your own instincts. You will have to make major decisions, so think carefully. Please look at all the options. There is a child-like quality about you and you are nice in appearance. Your reading shows children, or a child-like quality about you. You are struggling about the past and it has been quite hard for you. There is going to be a time of rest for you, maybe major reflection. Maybe a small trip would be good. But seems you need to get away. There seems to be a dominant figure that surrounds you. I don’t know if it is someone in your past who has had a major influence on you or someone with authority that will influence your future. This figure is somewhat different than your inherent personality and seems to be masculine. Has there been problems in court or a recent divorce. It seems the heart of you is very childlike and you enjoy the moment. Your near future suggests you need a time of healing. After this time of healing, reflection etc. it points to a very benevolent time ahead. What came up several times is a possible new relationship and possibly children. The Lovers came up as the final outcome.

  • hi i am also new to this and would love if you can also give me a reading. date of birth is 2/19/81. i am in a stage of life that i just dont know what to do anymore. thanks and happy holidays.

  • Hi Hurt2010, This reading is saying, count your blessings as you have many. It speaks volumes about material blessings. In your past you have felt some separation apart from the others. Correct mistakes if in fact they were yours. Be very careful about your assets. Shows a time of solitude and you'll persevere if you work hard. Shows blessings in near future. Shows you are traditional, kind and you enjoy teaching. I can't help but feel a teacher in your recent past. You believe in marriage. A very good reading. It shows the Wheel of Fortune as the final outcome. Says to take the ups and downs in stride--they're part of life.

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  • Hellow Daliolite i would very much appreciate if you can also do me a reading my DOB is 5/29/93

    i'm just reaching that point in my life where i feel like i am going no where when it comes to work and especially my love life ( i'm single). thank you so much & have a happy new year

  • Hi Domi2life, I had your reading typed out and lost it. Here I go again! Things in past haven't been satisfying or haven't turned out as expected. Possibly asking yourself what can I do. Think positively. Don't be disillusioned. It seems to me that you have sought the advice of someone other than here. I think they're probably giving or have given you good advice. You have more confidence in yourself than you are projecting. Don't press adulthood as you are still somewhat childlike. Unions and partnerships are very important to you and make-up your foundation. Avoid being overly emotional. Your immediate future is extremely promising. You have the King of Coins and the Empress side-by-side. Like I said, don't be afraid to project your abilities because this reading speaks volumes about your abilities. Something that you need to watch for in the future is news that is coming. I drew the Knight of Swords in the Outcome position. Something unexpected might happen. Be prepared because you may already have a feel for what it might be.

    Will you let me know if this makes any sense to you. Thanks.

  • This reading does make a lot of sense to me! and for the last past week i have had a feeling that i will get some very unexpected news from somebody and i know exactly what it is. thank you so much. I was also wondering what exactly does the card Knight of Swords in the Outcome position mean?

  • Hi Domi, Go on-line and look-up knight of swords in tarot readings. It will give you a detailed explanation. You might be able to better pin-point. I look at all the cards in the reading because they usually seem to go together and tell a story. I used the celtic cross tarot reading for you. This is an eleven card spread and each position of the cards has a certain meaning. A celtic spread is detailed if you do the whole reading. I did the whole reading for you. Actually, I prefer to look at the past, center and near future. I think the present creates the future and what is happening in the present has to be dealt with. Also, the present can tell what issues you are carrying (supposedly.) It's cards. If you have another question or issue let me know.

  • Daliolite,

    Hi I was reading your posts and I was wondering if you could give me a reading on my love life what is in store for me on that. My dob is may 17,1987. Thank you in advance

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