A Dash of This, A Sprinkle of That: The Perfect Relationship

  • WP-you have to ask your brother (way toooo funny BTW)......for those that can play the game, there is some type of attraction/magnetism that lures those others towards us. I have not fully figured it out yet. But I do know that there is some type of universal pull in my direction that I don't understand. I see myself no more beautiful or better than any other person.

    But, to the subject of the thread.....

    I am eager to get to know one particular stud that has entered my life this new year. He seems to break all my initial rules! He's under my minimum age line, he lives further away than I want, he's shorter than I usually go for (that one sounds bad-I know), and a few others.

    I am already breaking my rules with this one!!!!! So the question: how many of you find yourself breaking more and more rules when you find yourself in front of someone that you feel destined to have some type of relationship with? He may not be my forever guy, but he could be a great stepping stone on the way. I can’t turn that away.

    All the rules in the world-but sometimes you just feel like you have to give in ☺

  • Aqua - you are so funny. Without having to talk to my brother, the Universe has provided me with an unfortunate example of what it's like to be on the other end of the stick. And now I know what that magnetism/hook is: we all want what we can't have. For some reason, if someone shows too much interest, it's a turn-off. At least, it was for me.

    You are an Aquarian - it's your job to break the rules! It's funny - because in November, I had a similar situation...WAY younger (well, 6 years) than me (I usually date 4-6 years older), co-worker, kinda not so intellectual...but totally fun! He kept trying to convince me that I should throw my rules out the window...I really wanted to (it'd been a while since I'd had any fun); but couldn't let go...

    So, I did a 3-card spread (because I carry my cards with me everywhere); and it pretty much indicated to me that I should let go, have a good time, and integrate a little bit of pure pleasure into my life (or maybe that's what I wanted the spread to mean) LOL. We had fun for a while - a LOT of fun - he was worth every broken rule.

    I quickly coined this "The Year of The Younger Man" as though it were a new Chinese Zodiac sign or something (hahaha). We fizzled out fast - but I learned a lot from my experiences with him, things that I needed to learn about myself, and how I treat others. So, I have absolutely no regrets.

    Break your rules - you might just make some new ones ; )

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