Reading please (love)??

  • so much is on my mind right bday is 2/26/89 i am trying to figure out what my next move should be as far as relationship-wise?? the person i am interested in has the birthdate of 5/20/86.

  • It does not matter your bithdate to me because I will not judge you based of a standardized system; your phase, level of self independence, need", self ascension and so on are not implimented in those readings; neither your partner. Its not your partner its you. Just get yourself and love finds you and you at that time when love finds you will have to be able to discern your own choices becuase love does not manifest on indecision, low self understanding and faith in ones self awareness and judgement.

  • Do you know what you are and what you want for yourself and then you can discern what is your balance in a union

    How do I feel about trusting others?

    How do I feel about my relationships?

    Am I being honest about my relationships?

    Do I need to pay closer attention to my health, career, independence, inner harmony, life of hapiness of my own?

    What relationships in my life do I need to re-examine?

    Am I always on my guard or can I allow myself to be vulnerable?

    What will it take for me to have a passionate, loving, trusting relationship?

  • I do not believe in telling people answers becuase I could never fathom anothers asnwer and lack of perception and truth in the sitution that I have becuase I am in it in reality and hold abysmal truth. Sp I will say one general word of wisdom.

    Live in the present and live in the now with awareness and seek resonate truth from your higherself.

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