New to tarot any objective thoughts........

  • Hello to all; my girlfriend of three years is starting to get into this metaphysical studies and I support her seeking truth and inner awareness; I did a spread upon ones request so I can learn as well. I do not want to yet reveal the full advices until I have some more experienced people send me their objective thoughts, I have had a few instinctive reactions. The spread this person wanted me to do is very to the point who when where what why how and a clarity card. So 7 cards. Its refereing to her heart mate and when she will union with him again because they are both away concerning work; ahe knows he is on duty till at least may or June, so its sometime 6months to a year. Here were the cards....


    When-4 cups

    where- Temperance

    what- 4 coins

    why- WFortune,

    How- 3 cups,

    Clarity- Fool

    I know this guy is a long term relationship and clearly new beginings when they meet, I am taking it that they have a secure foundation and holding on tight, the union "how" unioning "3cups" this is pretty self explanitory where temp" I take that its the right timming in synchrony ; as far as when....4 months...I do not think so maybey its summer time?................

    Any thoughts...........

    Thank you

  • Thanks anyways though..I was just interested to have one else view this but I got it.

  • Capricorn444;

    I think you are dead on that they have long term potential and have secure foundation, but I keep seeing 8 months for some reason... I hope this helps some.


  • Thank you very much:) I allowed transition to go to my blog as well and think she is dead on, she configured it to be her sexiality and from the "issue addresed" in her past; my blog goes over healing and first to understand it, aceptance and release cannot be understood until she has closure. I think the child in a blindfold phraqse confused her a bit, ya know and something hidden......she is doing wery well and i have refered he rto my healer, you did a good job on this becuase, in my meditation the eight keeps coming up as well the strength card for this question, so summer is on but wow you did well:) How long have you practiced in this feild?

  • Greystar I put much faith in you especially since advised you to assist transistion, I have good rapport and am pleased that you adives hger as I. I can trust your discernement. I have all my readings done except 2. I am on par. Thank you.

    I do not ask for readings often about myself. I would be open to your thoughts concerning my current life phase. I do not have any confusion in any certain point but am open to a general incite if you wish and in return I would give to you in any way you wish.

  • Just to let you know, I am female and I refer my friends as boyfriend or girlfriend maybe its the old school in me. Just incase you read the above top post.

  • OOPS Capricorn..... I misread one of your posts and thought YOU said you were a male and something about your brother...I am sorry. You were speaking for someone else. MY BAD. I still love your style Love. Embarrassment can be fun right? Please forgive me~HUGS /Peg

  • No problem dear, Feangelikah you made such a impact on how I feel inputting on this site and I would love to offer you a reading or any area of counsel you wish; I you are open please address your concern under my post......Vahalia im coming".........

  • Thank you I would love that. I am looking forward to growth.

  • Capricorn444,

    I hope it helps some. Lately my luck with cards from me actually reading them doesn't really seem to make much sense to me, so I have been utilizing my intuitive, or empath abilities more. I also thought you were male until I went to your blog when you were providing the male insight on Cancers.. Totally understand the old school.

    The eight of wands is a a person with a cool exterior but internatlized inner turmoil...over the years I was able to show that kind of my youth...i could be going through hell so to speak on the inside but very few people would have truly known it unless they were either psychic in nature or i allowed them to know it. I think transition to a degree has this trait... Stength will come from this depth of will probably make her feel like a knife is tearing her apart on the inside at some points and etc. I don't think her healing process will be a fast one as I can't shake that the depths left from the betrayal and abandonment of the authority figures and loved ones in her life were deep and resonated to other parts of her life much like a wound I had when I was 14. The term I chose to describe what the person did to me when i was 14 was literally crushing. I called him a soul crusher is there is such a thing. It took me 23 years to get closure fully and I ended up meeting up with him by some weird twist of fate on the internet to find that final closure a month ago.

    I would say her healing will go faster as she is not doing it alone as I did...but I still think the process will truly take a while but she will be much stronger and enlightened person for it once it is said and done. It might take 8 months possibly more... It's hard to nail how deep these wounds in her go, but I suspect really deep..

    I am glad that my insight was able to work over a long distance without it being face to face with a person I am friends with. I could tell from your posts to help others including myself that you were a very kind soul and that you had limited availabity to help and were getting many requests. I wanted to help in someway but was unsure how my somewhat untrained abilities would work over long distances or on people besides close friends. I'm typically not a person to let fear get in the way if I can help it, so I offered to help and opened myself up for the first time and went straight from my intuition without second guessing it.

  • Capricorn444,

    I was never really sure what it was called for sure.. I guess discernment would be a good term for it. I am just glad I was able to help. In answer to your question about how long have I been in this field....i typically only read for close friends that I have grown up with and typically face to face. I was introduced to these gifts around 13 year old. I think I sensed things before then just did not really know what it was and passed most of it off as coincidence before then. I've spent most of my life alternating between trying to pass the odd things I could do as coincidence and trying to suppress it and curiousity running me towards it until I got fearful. I grew up in a small town in the bible belt where these type gifts were frowned upon and not quite viewed as of in light as a gift so I spent even the time I was trying to understand things to some degree somewhat hidden.. The first time I read cards I was 14, and when I read things accurately for a few friends, it literally scared me... Before my ex-husband and I got married, we used to go to pschic festivals and I remember on more than one occasion several of them asked me why I was not at the festivals reading.. I remember dismissing that thought real quickly.

    About a month ago, I got really sick and went through the tail end of some type growth process. I ended up having a lot of sleepless night so I started surfing the forums until I ran across a forum about enlightment and Askashic records. It's like the veil I had over my eyes was lifted and I realized my suppression of my gifts were affecting my relationship with people around me as I was picking up on their emotions and to some degree they were interwining with my own and affecting my relationship with my soul mate. I was picking up on my grandmother's emotions, my parents, my child, my soul mate, my co-workers and even to some degree others in crowded places like restuarants and so on... It was making me anxious and kind of negative to a degree as the external environment around me was affecting my internal.... During my illness, I pretty much was like a recluse and come out of it with a more positive attitude and things like that not affecting me as badly.

    When I read Poetic555 posting about Enlightment and Akashic records, I did something that was unlike what I typically do...I was not sure if there was any meaning to something I had seen before which strange enough there was. It's like I began to remember things I had done with more clarity and began to realize to some degree the official terms for what I could do were called, as well as part of what my purpose or path was...In order to prepare for that purpose, I must openly learn to use the gifts I was given and not try to suppress them anymore. When I posted that day, I took faith that if it was meant to be then the answers I sought would present themselves...things tend to happen that way with me. The day I offered to help I felt it was meant to be and I tried to go on my pure intuition.

    That discernment you speak of is not just something that applies to people and their situations. It's like I can feel the undercurrents of changes happening..changes in the phases of the moon...eclipse....etc... I can also feel discernment between forces, spirits I guess you would call them. So much so the last time I was more active with the spiritual side of things, I did a major protective undertaking for three locations my daughter would be to seek to guard her against such forces and remove imprints so that she could not be located there... This is things I typically have only shared with my ex-husband up to this point as we were always more tied on a spiritual level for some reason. It's just when you can do these things without knowing where all of the knowledge comes from that seems to work...its hard to externally validate doubt and fear tends to creep in at times I guess.

    I will definitely see what I see for your cycle at this time. I get a gut feeling where these gifts are concerned if I could make more sense of what it is officially that I can do and understand more of my path I would feel more open to utilizing them further to help others more. Somehow things with my abilities, path and soul mate are tied together but I feel like I have to travel back to when the first major events with these gifts happen. I will send you something on it later in the week to see if you can help me to make sense of it some or know of people that can help.

    I am beginning to see that the diviine union you speak of is kind of like boundaries....the parts of both my partner and myself of which we need to respect to keep from merging and staying individuals and the parts that each of us must learn to respect even though we may not agree with or understand. With him it would be politics and his view of how things should be...with me it would be my spiritiuality and path.

    I am glad I was able to help. It was nice to see that these gifts are not just limited to face to face readings and close friends.


  • I understand your feeling with undercurrents and feeling others emotions; I went through a phase in my life where I kept picking up others emotions and it was causing me to attrack much chaos. When you experience all the abuses, you recieve all the emotional wounds, more empath ability and sensing it becomes your gift but then it must be discipline so you do not get caught in undercurrents.

    I have learned to apply the power of intention to manifest reacurrences to get closure. I have put my intetnion and energy on my perpetrators to allow them to come back in and close. You mentioned yours came about a months ago; I am pretty sure transition will or hasnt already mentioned that about 4 involved in her situation gradually have resurfaced since January to early December this year. Thats why it is so strong energy wise now. Even the sexual abuser has resurfaced. Transition did the cards for herself and it is clear that it was parental acusation creating shame and rejection and no support she needed when she was abused. The counselor or the belief she has instilled may also be the wound. I believe it will come to full light in about a year. Her basic training will be a healing and reclaiming of self; I have endured basic and it breaks you down and rebuilds you, it helps get rid of the bad; really it does. This is perfect for her. Yes Grey star the more emotionally vulnerable you are the more you are like a magnetic feild to attract, these spirits and undercurrents attract to fears emotional components. The intuition and the energy perception you recieved triggered your wounds you is a tacit almost telepathic knowing especially since we grew with the wounds. Your trials have turned into a gift:) I appreciate your time and if it is in your guide and heart to do a empath reading on my cycle , then let it be if not all is good:)

  • Grey star; take a look at the link ; this is what I experienced along with prophetic visions, clairaudience, voyance bodily sensations and voice alterations. It lasted about a two months, very indepth for about three weeks. I was alone for three months straight no phone or tv, no excess, very little food. I went through a three hour forgivness phase where I laid on the floor and forgave and thank; I saw a light come out of me dark", then my crown chakra was bright white and I stood in from of my mirror and talked with inner child and claimed me and I beleive in humanity. Then it all started this phase.........................check out this site you may relate

  • HI Cap444,

    Thank you for your insight. I am now to a point I realized to some extent I was taken in emotions and ailments that were not of my own and taking them into myself without realizing it. It was affecting both my health and moods on a daily basis. I am really working on letting those emotions and ailments flow through me without attaching to me...kind of like something going through water so to speak. As I am a Sagitarius, it takes a little more work for me to work with water in this manner...

    I did not see a link attached...not sure if I missed it on the pyshic abilities you mentioned above. Something happened when I made friends with a girl...ironic enough she had the same name as my daughter does now...that was into er.. more spiritual things around the time I turned 13. Let's just say it was like something within me awoke and I have been seeking understanding and working through it since then. As I was young, very drawn to such things, and very curoius, I requested for her to tell me about my past lives on day. I had always had what I called vibes or gut feelings...and could pick up on presences of things unseen...but never really paid much attention to it. I'm going to try to explain a couple of things as I think they are somehow important to the journey and path I am currently on and have yet to see the deeper significance in these things yet... My friend went into a trance-like state to try to regress, she had given me some kind of instructions before not really sure what they were now though... I remember I thought everything was going well until the room began to get cold, smelled of sulfur, and she rose up and began speaking in a voice that was not like her. Whatever was in her at the time and my gut feels that it was not her at that time, began to speak to me... I remember it took me a few minutes to catch on that something was not quite right and since I was totally lost as how to handle it...I tried to read a bible verse I could remember which for whatever reason seemed to anger it. I started to get the idea that maybe my faith or something was not strong enough to deal with what was there, so I did something I'm not really sure how I knew to do. I went deep within myself into a trancelike state myself. It's like I realized her spirit was not where it should be and somehow protected myself with an enclosure of white light, astral travelled and somehow found what I felt was my friends spirit and tried to bring it back to her. I just remember this really bright light like something else out there was helping to protect me and helping me to get things back to as they should. My friend came out of her trance-like state but it was like she really did not remember what had transpired. Once her spirit was back to her body, the sulfur smell disappeared and the temp of the room went back to normal.

    My friend was into Ouji boards and Seances which I could typically feel a presence if it was truly there. The other really odd thing that happened that year was....I remember she was trying to show me how to look at someone and be able to tell something...I can't even remember what but I remember looking into her eyes, it was like I was looking though her down some tunnel at the end which had light. When I reached the light, I could see or feel things about people including herself that would be the kind of things people don't tell people. It's like I could see whatever it was as it was happening and know for sure that it happened...I could discern between the illusions of what people would portray to what they really were...or see the things they would bury or keep hidden not the type things they would share.. I even told my friend something that happened to her that day and was accurate. Since those days, I have been having all kinds of odd things happen over the years.

    Out of all the strange things that have happened to me, those really stick out to me as well as the one I am about to tell you about... My ex-husband's grandfather was something called a 7th son of a 7th son. I could tell when I met him that he was different..I remember glancing at his maimed hand for just an instant and him looking at me and telling me what happened without me asking him like he knew somehow... His grandfather to some degree had faith healing abilities like taking away thrash from a baby, taking away the change (menopause), taking away warts, finding water in the ground...can't remember what a lot of these were called. Anyway, he was in his 90's when he passed away. When I went to the funeral, I remember most of it seemed normal until we were like in a middle of prayer and it was like a white light went from him to me. Can a person pass on a gift after death? My ex-husband feels that his grandfather knew that we would get married and would have a child that he wanted this gift to go to when she came of age. I keep wondering what happened that day. Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to ask others that you think may know of such things as well.

    I am trying to do a grounding exercise I may take me a day or two to do the life cycle phase on you to the extent I feel it should be done. Right now the thoughts are coming in pieces which doesn't help much when trying to interpret them...


  • yes, when you connect to one who is involved in "dark magic" you become an attachment to the dark energies, peoples spirit can actual leave the body when at such low frequency, that white light was what happened to me, its called pschic protection, google; spirit walk ministries and go to the link on the left that says "awakening". Yes he is choosing to work through you, you probably could have been soulmated as well. That has happened to my father, I just reconnected its been 10 years since I talked to my dad but he doesnt do much of the stuff we do, many people have occurences like that, but he is connecting to you, you have the ability in you at birth, series of events are giving you ,motivation to seek it.

  • i experienced what you have with your friend and it was demonic, that s when you need to embrace and trance into spirit which overpowers all. Pychic protection, that spart of the prep many shamins due before a spirit walk, you open your self to different dimentions, if you experience different dimentions youll know two, your tested " many will be wearing sunglasses becuase the light you have carrying divine and your "psychic protection" helps protect your will from getting trapped in. Its intense and tempting as well, you have to release, forgive, cleansde self of any guilt shame etc....cleanse body, fast eat sertain foods.and so on......then you go into trance and spirit walk...............I have experienced those, they are hard to induce and they happen more often in your twenties, I was also alone 3 full months, no tv, noise in the world but not of it.

  • Also a demonic energy will feel heavy, youll nknow its there by voice but by feel, its heavy.

  • 7 is also number of spirit, I am 7 as well, the more you subject to demon or anything in a spirit sense th emore you can develop your abilities............

  • At this point I can almost see you as you can I. Grounding is very important. This can be a great gift but learning to protect self is key as well. You learn through it and that is part of your seeking. Truth seekers admire and seek the unkown and unexplained, I was always subjected to unkowns and unexplained at young and loved to seek into it, as i know you do but you must tackle the fears and its the power of the divine that embraces us with protection so we may seek without fear, its the faith in the power of the divine. He who stands in the darkness with no fear my see the light!

  • I was hoping to a degree you would see what it is that I speak of so that it could make more sense to you. Sometimes the words do not make sense when I explain as I mean for them to. Protection is part of my daily being. At a very young age, I learned to do protection. I don't really know how I knew but like everything else.I just knew. I typically utilize a white or blue light on a regular basis both to protect and ground. I will have to check further into this spirit walk you mention above. It was like in the past the more I awakened or was more active spiritually with the light, the more I felt like a dark cloud was following me at times...I think I am going through the awakening process..but I feel like a person that knows step A and step D but has forgotten some of the steps in the middle if that makes sense...


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