Captain, can you please update what you see in my future?

  • Hi, Captain,

    You were very informative in advice and insights into my challenging life situations. I am still with my man, still unemployed, tryiing very hard to remain upbeat and strong, but still not in a great place in heart and soul. I think I hit the very bottom and am trying to claw my way back to goodness, happiness and enrichment.

    I think I have found a new path towards self employment, that is my true niche in life.

    Can you tell me what you see? My birthdate is 5/21/51 and Steven's is 1/07/50.

  • BarbraLee, for you 2011 will tend to bring on increasing responsibilities and a deepening concern for family, loved ones, and close friends. It can be a time when you are called on to make some adjustments in your life, or sacrifices for those in your family or close circle of friends. You should expect to have a very good year so far as family, domestic, and romantic matters are concerned. Your emotional interchange with those who are close to you should be at its very best during this particular year. The important thing is to be willing to accept a slower pace and be sure to enjoy the peace and harmony that 2011 will bring. It's a time that will highlight your many relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and community. There is a focus on "response-ability" and a desire to be of service. This is a wonderful time to really become aware of self-love and connection. When you are nurtured, you are more apt to be balanced in the area of giving and receiving. Since love and passion are highlighted, your creativity is also enhanced. This energy can outflow into creative, home, and humanitarian endeavours. This is a wonderful year to examine how you can improve the quality of your many different types of relationships. Identify any weaknesses or breakdowns in your relating. Ask yourself how you could take steps to enliven and enrich your relationships. Often it is through giving that we in turn receive what we need the most. Your heartfelt intention to share and be open can make a huge difference in the quality of your relating, therefore transforming your relationships. This is a magical time to add beauty to your life. You can do this on many different levels. On a personal level, you may wish to acquire some new clothes. Perhaps a makeover would be ideal; for example, a new hairstyle. You might even want to buy something creative or beautiful for your home to brighten your space or make it more colourful. These are actions of self-love and they can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself and in turn how others receive you. You may also want to donate clothes you have outgrown or haven't worn, or household items that you no longer use. This action step is a win-win for you and for others too. This is also a perfect year to take a creative class or join a support group of some kind. You could center this activity around a creative outlet or relationship building skills. Both may stimulate your creativity and as well as help in building community. This action may even help you financially because your creativity could yield rewards. By extending your circle of influence, you can share in the giving and receiving of energy. Nature loves to fill our senses, and in turn can provide nurturing fuel for us. You may want to see if you "have a green thumb" (enjoy working with plants). You can simply buy a few new houseplants or even plant a garden. Another way to connect with nature is to spend time with a pet. Whether it's a pet that lives with you, or one who belongs to a friend or neighbour, spending times with them can bring a wonderful exchange of love. Sometimes when passion and creative energy are high, so are our desire to indulge. During 2011 your attachment to food may increase, so take steps to eating healthy, balanced, and nourishing meals. This is a health conscious year, and an aspect of service is becoming aware of how to take care of yourself on all levels. Therefore, take steps to develop good eating habits to avoid throwing your body out of balance in 2011. Communication is also highlighted this year. Skills in this area help to build healthy relationships. Become a good listener and communicator of your feelings and needs. This way you can tell the truth as fast as you can and have more fun per minute! 2011 is also a time of service so if you can, spend time volunteering for a cause that is aligned with your personal mission, values, and goals. What humanitarian contribution would you like to make during the year that would enliven you--make you feel really good--and benefit others? 2011 is about responsibility, service, vision and acceptance, most as it relates to the family and close friends. It is a year of contradictions in many ways. While it may be one of the best times for a single person to enter into a long term relationship, it is also often a year when marriages or living arrangements that have been struggling finally break up for good. While it may be time to be altruistic, it is also a time to care for the self. Understand that you can serve unselfishly without getting taken advantage of. Not every act of kindness needs to be reciprocated. Now is your time to use your compassion and gifts to help others. Your time to need and receive help will come as well. This is a year for finding a way to make all of those pieces work together. Boundaries around money, at home, with friends and family and at work are going to play a big role this year. The more clear you are on what they are, the more smoothly and stress-free the year will go. You will likely have a strong urge to make your surroundings really beautiful this year as well whether it’s your office or your home so you have an environment in which you like to work. Don’t put this off. It will serve to inspire and motivate you. This is a year of progress, financial growth and the likelihood of major career opportunities presenting themselves to you. Enjoy. As things start coming through you for you and the tree starts bearing fruit this year, relish in the belief that it’s going to be great and you deserve all the abundance that is coming to you. Mostly 2011 should be free of occupational and financial problems.

    For Steven, 2011 is a a year of major change in his life and how he handles it will result in either success or failure. He is likely to make a number of new friends this year as social activities are expanded. It is possible that more than one crisis will unfold for him, but he must remember that the Chinese alphabet characters for crisis are actually change + opportunity. Not all change needs to bring distress, and it is also just as likely that there may be very pleasant surprises and opportunities in store for him. To reap the benefit of these opportunities, he will need to remain positive and optimistic in his outlook. This is a year that will bring excitement and adventure and a good deal more freedom than he has experienced in recent years. This will be a time for feeling loose and free; for moving away from old routines in a constructive way. If he became bogged down during 2010, now is the time to seek out new directions. However, problems may result if he scatters his energies willy-nilly in all directions. His ability to do detail work will be limited and it will make him feel very confined. 2011 is liable to bring major changes to his career, family situation, or residence. The year asks for flexibility, since the universe often brings rewards in unexpected ways. In the event that he holds resistance, changes can come that will catapult him forward. There may be some amount of risk in the year, but rewards are what the year wishes to bring. Sometimes relationships at a distance and travel may be highlighted. Changes - maybe by creating a way to be more flexible in his home and workspace - will help attract more opportunities. It might be time to take up a new form of movement or exercise - he must find something that he feels is fun and stimulating. This is a wonderful time for reunions with family and friends in other areas. This is a year to expand his sense of what is possible. Tell him to take a risk - calculated risks can open new doors in 2011! He might submit an idea or something he's worked on -- perhaps a creative project -- to a publication or a community based project. He should assess his current goals and life mission, acknowledging what he has accomplished during the last few years, and what he is still working toward. Goals must be recreated; he must reflect on how they fit in his life now, so that he can recommit to what he wants to achieve. In 2011, freedom, travel, communication and exploration through the senses will be at the forefront. It can be an exciting year of mental pursuits and really digging in, exploring new ideas, travelling near and far and attracting a new, fresh pool of clients and friends. So if his work has been sound, and he has made smart choices in the last few years, this is where something great might pop up. Having said that, along with all of this excitement and new opportunities often come feelings of restlessness. Steven may feel pulled in too many different directions and hop from idea to idea before he completes anything. This is a good time for him to get out of destructive interpersonal relationships as well as business relationships that offer no chance for progression. Sticking with old models or stagnant ways of doing or being is like sealing the coffin for him in 2011. He will literally want to take a bite out of life so he must be careful not to overindulge in anything whether it be sex, food, training, drugs, or anything that leads to addiction. This will take him off his path and, while seemingly pleasurable at the time, will have long term consequences. The overall lesson for him this year is that with discipline comes freedom.This year for Steven will be a time for taking action, expressing himself (particularly through writing), and finding new ways of being himself.

  • Wow, thank you Captain! I never expected such a quick response, nor such a lenghty one!

    It has been a very rough few years, and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have always been artistic, and having been throwing myself into making beaded jewelry. I think maybe this is what I am meant to do.

    How is your book coming along? Are you finished by now?

    Best wishes for a healthy, happy New Year!


  • I haven't written anything for a while but I have two finished books ready to go out.

  • Last time we wrote, you weren't working except on your book, if I remember correctly. Are you working presently?

    I would like to communicate with you off site, I would like to send you something I made in gratitude for your time and support you have given me. Is that possible?


  • Well, I would prefer you gave to someone who is really in need, like to a charity or humanitarian organization, instead.

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