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  • Ok so i totally believe in psychics and i have reached a very trying time and have connected on a site where you can call psychics its psychic source and its very reputable however I feel like I am calling them too much? does anyone have any insight on getting too many psychic readings? most were very spot on but the minute i reached a psychic that didnt connect with me it now made me feel completely stressed that everyone other than this guys predictions were just bs but the others picked up so correctly where he didnt but now its totally made me depressed lol.....needed to vent but any advice on getting many psychic readings ?????????? I am gonna retire from the site cus i do feel like im depending too much on this when the money situation is on the tight side already : (

  • Niki honey

    Why are you not tuning into yourself for some of the answers? Advice is wonderful....but when you want someone (anyone) to direct your life on a daily basis, it says you have a fear of relying on your own sense and intuition.

    Give me 3 things.

    1. What situation are you confused about?

    2. How do you feel about the situation?

    3. What does your instinct tell you to do?

  • First we must trut in our own self and intuition. Our path unfolds as we seek inside. A psychic takes money number one. When one sees an image its their perception not yoursl remember that.Ask yourself are you feeling any more clarity after those many readings? Trust and faith in self is key. I think the lkast thing you need is more readings. Ask yourself questions. Answers do not exist until we ask the questions to get to the answers. No one can tell you future really; its your will and your energy they pick up on can change by your next thoughts. They can at the most see what currently manifesting but theor version" is not your reality. I meditate and ask fro divine opportunities, I meditate in the am and om. I see visions, premonitions etc...I put the perception on it though and I recieve the instict from when it is drawn in..big difference and a Psychic has motive to get tyou to feel you "need" them and they may give flase info to get you hooked, if anything they should be teaching you to use your own inner guide.

  • hi niki5150 - I don't know about psychic source but I know that I personally spent way too much money on one online psychic hotline before I knew better. What bothered me was that I got the feeling that the more positive the reading was the more they would chat with you and keep you on the phone to run up the bill. So I quit doing that (am still paying that credit card as I used a seperate one just for that purpose).It was a big mistake, but at the time I was very depressed and I reasoned with myself that it was better than going to the therapist, who was not very helpful either. Now, I would rather ask someone on this forum to read for me even if they are only practicing, because I feel that if they are doing it from their heart, rather than for money and are more likely to give as best advise they can from a common sense point of view. There are good psychics on the telephone lines but weeding them out from the bad ones will cost you a lot of money unless you have a reccomendation for a reputable one (which I do not have). Let me put it this way as far as cost - there is a forensic psychic in my area that does police work and apparenttly she is very good. An hour session with her in person is 300,00. That is 5.00/minute. A half hour session is something like 200.00 which is still less than 7.00/minute. So why would I spend 7.00/minute for someone who is unknown to talk to me on the phone and let them keep me on line and purposefully waste $400.00 if they kept me online for an hour?

  • thanks for the advice it really helped!!!

  • How are you Nicki?

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