Would someone interpret this reading

  • I am going thru a battle of sorts and drew 5 cards. The first card was Death, Wands, Justice, the World and wheel of Fortune. I know the majority is the major arcana. What is the significance of that. Thanks.

  • I'm learning myself, but as far as I know, if you get a reading where there are a lot of major arcana cards, then it means that the things that are happening are of great significance and you should pay extra attention interpreting the cards, as the major arcana cards are like keys that point at important stages on your life. That's as far as I understand, but as I said I'm learning myself.

    And regarding the interpretation, which wands card is it? And did you draw the cards as a general description of your situation without any particular meaning prescribed to each position?

  • No, not a general description. I'm involved in a battle that could be significant as it involves a big entity so to speak. It has to do w/civil rights. The first card I drew was Death in a five card spread. I did it online and lost the spread so I'm trying to remember the exact positions. To the right was the wands. Alot of wands and a man holding the wands in a circle. Wheel of fortune I believe to the left and the world. To the right was justice. It surprised me that I drew the major arcana. It was about a meeting scheduled for today. Thank you for your help. I'll let you know about today's outcome later.

  • This post is deleted!

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