Needs help with Sun Scorpio, Mars Libra, and Venus in Scorpio Man

  • My ex who is has Sun Scorpio, Mars Libra, and Venus in Scorpio. We broke up 5 years ago, because he was talking to other people while we were going out. He moved away and we sometimes hangout when he comes back home for the holidays. However, he is always bringing up old memories like remember when...or remember that time. He also asked me if i regretted going out with him. He hurt me a lot when we dated because I found out he was talking to another girl "about our problems" and eventually broke up with me and went out with her. Why does he bring back old memories? Anyone ever associated with this sign and dealt with their cheating tendency? Advices Please?

  • im a capricorn with mars in aries and venus in capricorn

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