For the Blmoon

  • Blmoon, Happy New Year!!!

    I wonder if you can do a reading for me?? Any thing you could see would be apritiated, whenever you get some time.


  • You are not easy to read--yet I feel a strong pull--that you do so want someone to get past your wall. You are a watcher--observer--do not mind being alone--rather like wandering about and people watching. Spirit says "late bloomer". Life doesn't realy start blooming for you untill after 45. Also, spirit says "stuck in neutral" in the se xual department. You feel things intensly, passioately yet too much closeness--intimacy can be too much---there is a contradiction in you that often causes an energy chaos--an inner war. Being drawn to things and yet easily irritated--you like your space. Crowds exhaust you. In fact you often wonder why others don't get sick with nervouse things like you do--headaches--muscle aches. One day your feeling full of energy--make big plans and other days you feel awful. This has plagued you all your life--you hate it. Large crowds--too much noise or social togetherness feels great at first but then later at bedtime your mind buzzes--thoughts race and even heart palpitations--you have trouble withe sleep. You wish you could find anbalance of energy. You hate the down times--feel bad about it--guilty. You need to be more forgiving of your needs. You have times of high energy but then you really need down time more than most. When you do not get at least one day a week of complete alone time you can be very irritable and snap at others. It's your body's way of saying--time to recharge. You also give off energy and sometimes attract low energy people who drain you--it's confusing because the first sign of this is not so clear--instead of feeling drained first these people will have you feeling charged up--then comes the crash. Spirit says to accept you are an empath--a sponge who picks up others energy. Be more protective of your self. Don't sit in small places--like a car withe people who drain you. When in crowded situations or parties always take a break and walk outside for 15 minutes to be alone--gaze at the stars or some nature. Nature is good medicine for you--specially water---water balances you. Walking as well is good for you--Spirit says, spend good money on good fitting shoes and you are easily affected by diet. Avoid too many bad carbohydrates---they sedate you and this feels good but then you crash and they cause bloodsugar ups and downs--this feeds anxiety. You have a high need for protien--you feel your best when you increase protien over simple carbs. You have a high need for water and should avoid soft drinks or too much sugar. Spirit says there is a good time for isolation and also a bad time--when feeling anxiouse when alone it means time to get outside--nature helps--or a busy project like cleaning drawers--something that takes your mind off of churning on itself. Mostly, Spirits advice is to embrace who you are--manage your needs without feeling something is wrong with you--do not compare yourself to others so much. Your gift for empathy--your sensitivity is a gift. You will find an outlet for that gift once you get past your physical imbalance--solving the stress factor. Stop thinking of what you SHOULD be doing and instead be honest and nurturing about your needs. You will never be a nine to five everyday person--your health will suffer. Be honest with yourself about your needs--what keeps you balanced and your true bliss will find you. Working partime or freelance is best for you--or working jobs you can do partly at home are best as well. You are a great problem solver when given time and a quiet room to think. You are also creatively gifted. I feel positive you will find your bliss within a six year time period--Nov. of this year introduces a new passion--and new friends--next year--January offers travel---and you will have urges to make a bold move. BLESSINGS PS--Spirit also mentions glasses--do you need an eye check up? they are rounding their fingers around the eyes--like glasses.

  • Blmoon, You are simply amazing!!

    I will read this later again, but I am shocked how precise all you say it is. I am feeling better already, because of the spirit's understanding, because i am so hard on myself on the unproductive time and down times i do take so often and the unbalance i find myself all the time. And yes i am an empath and a late bloomer. Its so interesting you said I am not a 9 to 5 person, because I never was and I really don't see I can be, and I am so hard on myself for not being able to do this, since every one does it.

    I am so thankful to have this reading from you, it feels like I must accept myself as I am and follow the advice on diet and acceptance. I will read it again.

    Thanks a million. You are awesome!!!

    ps, I read you all the time because you give so much wisdom and strength and you are an amazing writer!!

  • You are welcome--and thank the spiirit who came through for you. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon,

    it's very interesting you said "I feel positive you will find your bliss within a six year time period"

    and that "Life doesn't realy start blooming for you untill after 45."

    I am almost 39 at the moment, which if I add the 6, I get the 45. I found this amazing.

    The only think I don't understand is the glasses thing. I have very good eye

    sight and I don't wear glasses. Can this be some other kind of message??

    one of my begist concern is self relying financially, since I am not a 9 to 5 one. I used too, but since I gave birth to my son I have lost some security in this department, because I had to raise my son when there were major concerns about his health. Today, even I have no reason to be insecure about my professional life, (I am very skilled and talented in arts and done things) I still get lost so easily and insecure and haven't yet been relaxed in this aspect. Do you see any good improvements in my professional life in terms of financially relying in it. I so much dream my independence. It feels like I am so very close to it and just don't dare to believe it is out there for me to get it. 🙂

    Thank you as always and all the best to you, B

  • It's early for me so give me another look and I'll see if anything more comes up. I just knew you where going to ask about the glasses thing --after I clicked on my response the glasses thing stuck in my head as I didn't get it either just relayed to you the message given. Spirit often gives me images. Here's what I heard later when thinking to myself--what was that? Sometimes the recipient gets it but I don't so I don't always interject my "thoughts" because for all I knew maybe a loved one here or passed played that game with you--the fingers around the eyes--like I see you. BUT what I heard later is a famouse quoit by Dorothy Parker---one of my favourite--so it could be my thinking but it goes--men rarely make passes at girls who wear glasses!---meaning? that a girl who sees too much has a harder time finding her man as men get a bit afraid and run! It's about seeing too much--being too smart. So it could mean to not take past rejections as you did something wrong or there is something wrong with you--you just see too much and it startles some! But they aren't going to tell you that so you just go over iin your head--what did I do?

  • Blmoon,

    My computer crashed yesterday, and I forgot my login-pasw with the other account, so I just opened this one from another computer. In my comp, I am loged in at all the times so thats why, its not esay to remember.

    I find relevance with the above comment. Very interesteng. In fact I am still healing from a weird conection I felt for someone, couple of years ago. And your comment above its egzactly what happend. Also its interestiing that I have conected with people, in this dimension once in 9 to 10 years. It is not so easy for me to fall for someone. That is why it becomes a special event. 🙂 I wonder if that is a cycle thing that happend inside me and has nothing to do with the other person.

    But yes whenever can conect for me regarding my professional and financial freedoms and relaxation, I would love your respond. Take your time, I am not in hurry.

    Thank you as allways, and have a GREAT DAY!!

  • Your job future is tied to the relationship sector--meaning it is that judgment that disconnects you from people who can let you blossom in the workplace. Your skills are hidden mostly. You would be a great watch dog for any employer. You see what goes on behind closed doors--you can see roadblocks and problems coming but do not know how to speak up--you hate drama and back off then later wish you had spoke up. Problem is you can't prove things enough--just know. You have that presence that startles some and you feel people don't like you or you said something wrong--mostly not true. If a boss compliments you you play it down. It all comes down to YOU believing in your own gifts--if you can't give them worth yet an employer will not be able to. Also in the job sector you are so afraid of screwing up it freezes you up or you expect the worst or misread a remark as oh oh why did they say that--then your wheels start turning and you imagine stuff---this is that living too much in your head habit that leads you away from success. Since this is your life challange you will be presented repeatedly with opportunities to heal this so expect one soon--I see by March opportunity knocks and remember--do things different this time and stay aware of your negative self sabotager and the fearful shadow part of you. Your job will be a growth thing so greet all snafuus and screwups as opportunities to grow--stay away from regret--the beat me up kind--only use regret as a tool that says next time I'll see this clearer and know better. Your job future will be fast paced and family orientated--meaning all employees will be close as the boss will be of that mind---she will like you very much but also she is hard working to the point of being distracted so avoid feeling any slights that don't really exhists----this will mature you as now you feel the need to defend yourself too much--somethings are really not major and let it go.. Example is boss walks in sees something and gives you a command to not do that when really you have a reason but just smile and say sorry and really she forgets it the moment she leaves the room. Remember the real problems are the ones she will ask to sit down with you about--those you can defend. Otherwise let go of being perfect and let go of imagining others dwell on your mistakes--they don't!

  • Hello Blmoon,

    Thank You a lot for the above post. It helps a lot because it confirms on how I also see myself too, and definitely working on it.

    I saw a dream last night, and it was me walking carelessly, happily, barefoot in front of my building, trying to get home. in the way up I see the guy I have a crash on (waiting to see me - as he used to in waking life). I pretended I was busy in my thoughts and started to step up the stairs. When I feel his hand grabbing mine, stretching up, and I looked at him from the top of the stairs. He continued holding my hand and said, hello B, very softly and sweet. (he would never do this in real life) Than I kind of stroked his hand too in a sign of love. I woke up and felt so happy with that dream, for the rest of the day.

    from previous experiences I know my dreams tell me the future, but there were few when they didn't come true. Especially in this story, I have a record of dreams and happenings that changed my all vision on spirituality and God. Very powerful. he was so unexpected to his moves for me, and I was guided by dreams only. every day he would show up, I was let know in my dreams and much more .... Very symbolically speaking dreams. I was very close to get into a relationship with this guy, but circumstances didn't help, so we are drifted apart. I think the feelings are still all there, but I kind of acknowledge that nothing can be changed at this point and I have relaxed myself and accepted with a good spirit. we still see each other though, and is not so easy.

    But this dream it might be because I feel that I kind of missed this as an opportunity, and maybe is just because I miss his attention.

    When you have some time and feel like, I would love to know your thought on it.

    Thank you as always, B

  • Blmoon,

    As to the dream above you don't need to answer, I kind of have the answer,...that is a desire based dream.

    However, whenever you feel like, I would so much want to know your thought, or what the spirit says on this particular romantic situation for this guy??

    this guy is going to be around me for long - long time. I am scared to this because what once was my dream, now I know can't come true. But affection is so strong. I believe his affection is, or was strong too. it's going in cycles. And I want to stop it.

    Someone, a psychic told me you're lucky, as regarding him...but no explanation of why??

    but he still comes around. I have become strong to clean away the infatuation, and see him kind of naked it for what he is. And some times I am feeling good about it, but because i try to so hard.

    but there are times of crushings that I can't believe myself. if I don't see him for more than a week I get sick in mind, i go so back and forth. Basically, I don't see any avenue, but I still see him around for me. and then leaving again.

    I am tired of these ups and down and wonder what is the case with him.

    I feel he has another relationship, and with me he is not only shy and insecure...

    can you see any future or I should shut it down for good and get going??

    I feel I should, but wanted your advice on it.

    greatly apritiated!!

    Love and Light to You!!

  • He is your nemesis--your distraction--the attraction that brings to the light the parts of yourself that are wounded. The dream is a house dream and going up in a house--assending is always good--it means higher self--the careless meandering before that is your past--the being unaware of the issue at hand but now the time is here--awareness and INTENTION to go past all those feelings and attractions and cravings and compulsions and get the head connected--awareness. The fact that in the dream you craved silently his touch is a metaphor for your "passiveness" that needs to be the old you--waiting and getting tied down in your life by passively waiting for another to change things--it shows past lack of power. You are at a crossroads. You can make the change this year. He is not a mistake but yes lucky as he is your shapeshifter who can help you find your power. Lucky because he is not aggressive--some shapeshifters do much harm before a person wakes up--the law of karma says don't wait for the big whack! Be lucky and get it now. Treat this like an addiction--you will feel it--miserably at first--like quiting smoking--a strick diet etc. This is no easy shift--nothing worth having is BUT it will pass and the reward is permanent and your shapeshifter will look much differently on the other side. Climb the stairs--no looking back--no distractions--you are close--please give it at least six months---not being dependant on thoughts about him. Be lucky! BLESSINGS

  • Thank You Blmoon!

    What you say make perfect logic sense, and I feel your good intentions for help at heart. Still, parts of me don't understand the harsh side of this reality. Why some things happens when they hurt so much ?

    I am living with Pablo Neruda's Poetry these days: : I do not love you...(XVII)

    I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz,

    or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off.

    I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,

    in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

    I love you as the plant that never blooms

    but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers;

    thanks to your love a certain solid fragrance,

    risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body.

    I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.

    I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;

    so I love you because I know no other way

    than this: where I does not exist, nor you,

    so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,

    so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I love Naruda! He's the master when it comes to love poems! Shakespear as well understood the woman's heart. Yet, in real life the women who loved Naruda were not always so happy with him! He knew women--he knew passion but he loved like a man and was a very free spirit---loved in the moment many women!

  • Pain--things that hurt? There is a spiritual right of passage that has a purpose--free will--if we choose. I'm tired today and this topic is very very deep and needs the right words--an example to ponder is the metaphor of the journey of Jesus---the suffering--the pain---- yet on the other side of that---resurection--assension of the soul. Suffering can have purpose. AND there is no true joy without it--they come in the same package. Poets know this and most poetry expresses the fine line between bliss and pain.

  • Thank You Jlinaangel !

    Blessings to you too!

  • Blmoon,

    I just wanted to tell you that you are such a beautiful soul and an amazing healer. You help and do make people move on, with nothing in return, so I wish you with all my heart may all you give turn to you as LOVE and HAPPINESS, endlessly.

    Thank you to your SPIRIT !


  • I love Neruda too... Blmoon,,,, it's weird every time I read a reply from you to someone else somehow it resonates to me... I wish sometime spirit would guide you to answer my post....

    but I am getting some message across nonetheless...

  • hi bloomoon, greetings

    can u please do a reading for me Gagan and my classmate Jose. I like him but he doesnt know. We are post grad. doctors attending a masters program together. How can I go about it?

    How does he feel about me right now? Will he be attracted to me ? Should I ask him out? Will it be sucessful?

  • Blmoon,

    I apritiate so much the readings you have done to me. They are all enlightening and helped me in understanding myself and lots of things around me.

    I believe so much to your wisdom and your spirit's insights that I can't refrain myself to ask you a last question since the previous readings didn't gave me any hint of it.

    If you find it unreasonable to answer on it or to much to handle it, please skip it. still peace in here. 🙂

    it has to do with my marriage. I spent a long life with my husband and I was never in love with him. there were always distractions but mostly my fears of being alone and his strong attachment to me. There is a long story to be told here, but I am in need of an insight from you. I still dream of the divorce but lately once again I got the chills of fear of being alone. and I wonder why it took me so long, and never happend. is it still the right thing to do?? it has been hunting me all my life, and I am still waiting to this date.

    You told me that I have a conflict in the sex ual department,,,and this is true in terms of I I have lost the senses of loving and/or knowing how in a relationship. I fear a lot.

    Do you see me divorcing with him? I even am not looking to have anyone any time soon after--that's how terrifying this is to me. I just want to be left alone from him. It's such a major challenge, and looks to me impossible because my hubby can't let go of me, and I have not the power to hurt him. thank you in any case!!

    Blessings !! B

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