Help with the reading

  • Hi Everyone,

    Could someone help me interpret this reading please. It is a Celtic cross for a relationship:

    1. World (I see it as everything is right at the moment and things are the way they are supposed to be for both partners)

    2. 7 Pentacles (Thinking about all the work that has been done on the relationship and deciding what to do next)

    3. 5 Cups (This is 'what is known objectively' so, there is some dissapointment and some lost hopes and sad feelings involved. When I clarify this card the Ace of Wands cups up...which confuses me more..)

    4. 4 Wands (Happiness and a good occassion)

    5. Strength (As this is the past position, I see it that the relationship grew stronger in the recent past)

    6. 2 Wands&Magician (I drew two cards for some reason; I see this as relationship coming together and setting a certain direction?)

    7. Empress (I'm not quite sure how to link this card..I associate it with fruitfulness and abundancy, so all the good things)

    8. Chariot (Caring on with the relationship through any obstacles that might rise up)

    9. Page of Cups (new feelings and offers?)

    10. 9 Cups (and Lovers as a clarification; I guess this should be a good sign? that the relationship will grow to be more romantic?)

    Any help with interpretations will be most appreciated!

    Many thanks in advance! 🙂

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