Pendulum usage - as promised


    You can use anything that can hang from a string or a necklace with a pendant on it. Even something as simple as a string with a nut from a bolt tied to it...

    Hold it in your hand a a few moments or next to your heart and just breathe a bit to get centered.

    Start each session of questions with the statement that you want your answers to come from your Subconscious (sometimes we use our Guardian Angel) Both are part of the network of a ll consciousness so we c an bring up the past, present and psychics do.

    Hold it in your dominant hand by your forefinger and thumb and only about 2-3 inches from the pendant. The rest of the chair or string goes through your hand as to anchor it out of the way....lock it into your pinkie at the outter edge of your hand and anything over that space can dangle out of the way.

    Tell the pendulum which way to swing is yes and which way is no. I use back and forth for yes and left to right (sideways) for no.

    Brace your elbow of the dominant hand (I'm right handed) on a table or hard sufrace to steady it. Then ask your question with the pendulum still and mentally or out loud say the question over and over and over and the pendulum will start to move. Sometimes it starts out just doing a little confused move before it can get the momentum going in the direction it wants. Keep thinking the quesiton even after it moves well until you feel the answer is finsihed and was indicated long enough for you.

    Then I stop it with my left hand and ask the next question.

    Sometimes they will just stall out as I call it. When that happens you either didn;t ask the question other words don;t ask something confusing ....should I call him or not. Ask...should I call him. Be specific and simple. Sometimes they need clearing. A tap or two on a table susrface or under running cold water in your non domanant hand will do that. Often....I just switch pendulums as I keep about three ready to go on my bedside table. I have a Rose quartz that is supposed to be good for love related things but I promise you.....ALL of them work...even the string and nut!

    One last thing. Do't keep asking the same question more than once or twice in the same will sometimes (not always) go the opposite way for an answer as its recognizing you are not trusting the answer so you get jumble.

    This will I say...give you power! Meaning: Knowledge is power!!

    1. First things first....Remember to start your session with aksing the answers to come from your subconscious - its connected to the universal consciousness. You do that to be sure you get true answers. You don't want to enable any of the entities out there with lower vibrations to get in. Not that they are bad but they are bored, playful at your expense perhaps, not of a higher spiritual level and mess with your answers.

    2. At any time you can ask if the answer you just got is true. If your are pretty sure it is the wrong answer then it could be your phrasing of the question or more loikely...that you didn't stay totally focused on the question repeating it over and over unti you get a firm answer. We often start thinking of the next question or let ourselves get sidetracked. Keep your clear focus. We also have the ability to want an answer so badly that we can make the pendulum move that way....(mind ovear matter) so stay on point!

    3. Don't ask the same question over and over and over in a day. Its almost as though your subconscious gets po'd that you don't believe it but its probably just confusing the issue and thinks it may be interpreting something wrong ? ? I'm not sure. I just know it can make the answers start to come all over the place and not accurate.

    4. Don't use the pendulum if you are very upset , emotional, totally out of sorts. And, of course...that's when we often go to our pendulum! All that scrambled energy can give wrong answers. IF you are emotional....take some deep breaths and calm yourself before you start again. You need to be better centered.

    If you have any questions I will gladly try to answer them.

    Love and light

  • Wow!! Have just logged on after a spell of absence and saw your post. I did as you instructed (asking my guardian angel for help) and to make sure I instructed the pendulum to swing the appropriate way for "yes" and "no", I then asked if I was ten years of age and it worked....

    Thanks soo much for that, I will await to see if the responses manifest.

    I wish you a peaceful and hope filled New Year!


  • Albeit,

    You are most welcome. 🙂

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