Magnetic and Electrical effects on the body and our gifts

  • I have them Waterbear. I am afraid of heights. I can tell you this, the more you fear having a panic attack, the more you will bring them on. Just try to forget you have them, get busy with other things. It is very hard, I know, but lately, I don't have them much. maturity maybe? try not to care so much if you have one or not. the worry and fear bring them on.

  • Waterbear , according to this same test that I had posted on a week ago? "type of Psychic are you" Once I found out my color it took me to more info...a lot more info . I am green and yes, OCD, anxiety, depression and a few more come with those colors. I have been down for a bit and typing and computer in general have been hard for me but You may want to find it and check it out. I will see if I can relocate and post it here. Things on our energies and gifts ...a lot!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Quenkath, you are correct, I know the mind can play tricks on me and make it worse. However, sometimes the rush of the adrenalene (sp?) glands speeds the heart when I am calm and relaxed, reading, watching tv, on which I have no control. If I feed it - does make it worse. I've been dealing with for almost 6 years. Hoping I can get off meds, but they seem to be coming back now that I have stopped meds. bummer.

    Feagelika, I read your post about the questionnaire, but did not see the link on that post at that time. Would be interested to take and learn more. of course. The healing thread here I posted my pains and they have been much better now I know these prayers are helping. I may post about the panic for healing too. Have tried on my own to negate the episodes with all I learned, but they still are coming on.

    So do you guys think being open to energy and psychic is more of a chance for this type of thing? Like a general anxiousness of society is felt by the energy and forces which we then pick up? Yet, I've tried to kick it out, tell it to go away, pray about it all and it is no help. hmmmm...

  • Well Captain posted on her blog a while back, and RC will yawn becasue she has heard me preach it a million times, that you should stop trying to absorb the energy around you and intead focus on the energy within yourself and let that shine. It does away with anxiety and that sort of thing pretty rapidly.

  • Paddi....Yawn.....LOL I hear ya. Here's the thing though, it's not always a choice to absorb the energy around you. I had to escape it last night myself. There are days when I wish I had a shield and sword to fend off the bad moods and attitudes. I guess be empathic makes us magnetic to absorb such feelings and actions. Lucky us eh? But you are right we must try to overcome and process our own energies above and beyond those around us causing the negative effects.

  • Thank you Paddifluff!! That sounds like something I can work on. I find a lot of times, I am happy go lucky, it's going to be a great day attitude that by the time I'm on my way home I can be ready to cry while singing the song on the radio. I feel sad often, since I was a child. I have thought that it was sometimes coming from outside myself. The anxiety is energy that neeeds to be let out. I will try to meditate on it tomorrow. Blessings to you both.

  • Crying is not all bad! It releases very healthy chemicals and Judith Orloff--one of my favourite writer--psychic--doctor writes that it is good to cry everyday. It's prolonged despair that is not healthy but it is a gift to be able to FEEL passing emotions--let it be expressed and then let it go--it does not mean something's wrong. It happens a lot in the car I think--driving alone private and safe and yes an old song--a memory comes or just a moment of feeling for others--a sad newspaper story--local event--it's ok to let it touch--but it's healthy as well to let go after it is spent and turn the station--hear a good memory--feel happy. Disconnect is not good--never apologize for feeling connected to humanity---just don't drown in it! BLESSINGS

  • Blmoon I'd totally agree with that. There are too often times in our lives when we can't just express what we feel when we feel it but like you described a car ride, the right song, a thought crosses your mind it's a great time to let go . We all certainly need to do that from time to time. In preparation for my upcoming move I'm doing a lot of purging of things, it's not an easy process but I think the same is true of emotions, over time they build up and all too often in our human lives come out at inappropriate times for all the wrong reasons. it sure seems more sensible to have a good cry now and again rather than explode over something trivial later.

  • Wow... these stories are amazing. I thought I was the only one that did things like this. All my friends know to have me touch something before I touch them so I release the extra energy I have. My ex-boyfriend told me I'm the only person he knows who can be standing barefoot in the dirt and shock him into next week when I touch him. I have noticed that my emotions have an impact on the intensity of the shock. Either good or bad, an extreme will produce one heck of a jolt. Does anyone konw if we can be tested in some way to see what our energy fields are like? I also react to everything in the opposite, medications, horoscopes, readings... whatever it says I will have the opposite. Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in the backside of a mirror. Any thoughts on that?

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