Magnetic and Electrical effects on the body and our gifts


    funny you brought up the bracelet thing--I see it's come back on TV and see it in the stores but it makes me laugh and wondered if anyone really gets something from it. Here's my input on the energy thing that comes with being psychic and a healer. I rarely wear a watch as mostly they all go screwy on me. I also have popped light bulbs but only when I'm really wired up and hyper and running around in a rush. I try not to touch anything electric when I'm too keyed up about something as yes things will not work only to be ok later. These things have happened all my life and when things go really screwy without explaination I know it's time to chill! Usually, for me, lights coming on and off are just spirits saying hello--or validating something on my mind at the moment. Example is suddenly I'll have this ahah moment and it's as if I can hear clapping and the light will flicker! But this happens more when I'm calm and centered not crazy town.

  • Darn I was hoping that someone found something. I love the stories though. Last night I was at my "adoptee" daughter's house and she told me to stop walking back and forth from child to child. I chuckled and said But I need my loves from them too. She then informed me that her bedroom light keeps turning on and off. It really was. Then this morning I walked into the kitchen and the light blew..Ok coinsidence ? Until I walked into the laundry room and BLEW the next light bulb! I can't keep buying boxes of light bulbs. Seriously like I go through up to 8 a month...WHY and what good does this accomplish??? lol I am feeling like God's Jester. He is so funny!

  • Blmoon Happy New Year Friend, I've missed chatting with you. Still love that time traveler, you always make me chuckle. I didn't really think much about the bracelet things but my back has really given me what for in the last month and I got thinking about the last time I really had a problem and then I remembered the magnetic bracelet. I was sure it was a hoax when my friend bought the thing, that is until I tried it on. I'm in no way shape or form prepared to buy another right now but I will consider it in the future if funds permit.

    The electrical overcharge is kind of funny. I actually don't blow up watches but can recharge the batteries by wearing them, kind of weird I know. But it's funny you all keep mentioning the light bulb thing I never really thought about it. But when I enter our apartment every time I turn on the light it does this weird fade and dim thing, it doesn't blow, we usually turn it right off I was attributing it to our visitor and sort of vortex hall but I wonder if I could be causing it and never realized it. Something to test out perhaps. For now I just try not to touch people, without warning anyway. Thank you so much for your input. Always thinking, always trying to learn and loving the experience. I'm determined this is going to be a good year. Take good care and please keep in touch.

    To answer you Fe, "what good does it accomplish?" again I'm not expert but I wonder if in some way it is an overload that needs to be purged, electrical products just act as conductors thus diffusing the bolt of excess energy and in your cases costing it a light bulb or more. Does that make any sense?

  • Hey guys ,

    What do you think of the time travellor that was spotted talking on a cell phone at the premiere of Charlie Chaplains circus movie in 1928? I personally think that its a man in disguise and i do think that its a mobile phone the way he/she walks and stops and talks on it ,as hearing aid devices were to big back them .

  • I saw that too awhile back---I read that when they magnified the picture it looked like it could have been one of those hand held hearing "aids" . A small cone to help amplify sound. Surely if it had been a time traveling cell phone, people would have been looking at him! He would not be strolling the street unoticed!

  • Time traveler.

    I see some travel coming your way AND a new friend. A man friend who has a gift for story telling. A bit of an odd duck but a very sweet odd duck who makes you laugh and makes you forget your troubles---he loves to imitate people and does inpressions--very good energy for you--he lightens things up. This is not so much a romantic thing but very good for the soul. Spirit calls it a gift. How nice for you! BLESSINGS

  • Hi RC good thread though I have to say I never notice if I spark things off or not, though I do keep gettiing electric shocks when I touch things and when I touch the kids. Actually now I think of it I do drain battery watches very quickly. And the saving light bulbs in our house last the same as a cheap one. But that does not necessarily have to be me, there are 6 of us here.

    Blmoon nice to see you here again, you will probably have millions of requests before you know it! I just wonder, your time traveller words from the last post, if they refer to RC, they sound really like a man I saw in one of my earliest things I saw but nobody could place, and that was a man just like you have described him, an entertainer, big smile,just like you say an odd duck, just that he had a little boy with him and noone could place him in their pasts. Wonder if it is the same.

    xRC very interesting thread


  • Blmoon, what a nice bit of info. Travel huh? That would be nice but the lottery win escaped me.....LOL Such is life right. Anyway, that aside where on earth will I be traveling. Now I've heard of some travel coming my way, a new friend, a male friend (interesting!), money flowing possible inheritance from someone else. Perhaps this is going to be a good year afterall. LOL I have to tell you I was hoping for some new friends as we make our upcoming move, I need some adult companionship, a normal conversation once in awhile, maybe someone to catch a meal with if the funds are there for such a luxury. So I am intrigued by this bit of information, I love story telling people, an odd duck well I guess I am one too and Lord knows I could use a good laugh and let go of some troubles, I hope you are right. You can never have too many good friends. That is really cool. I'll be looking forward to it. Thanks for letting me know dear friend, I miss you so when you are busy with life but I totally understand. Blessings.

  • A new friend.....there's a form of magnetism I wasn't expecting.....LOL

  • Wow Paddi, you saying you saw this guy too, that's pretty neat. I do vaguely remember you mentioning someone like that with a little boy around him. Definitely didn't know him then, who knows maybe I can tell you about him in the future. That's pretty cool. An odd duck that is just so appropriate for how my needs feel right now. I need something, want someone around, I don't know what, I don't know who, I'm not into the looking for love attitude but I can always use a friend. Classic connection, thanks Ladies.

  • Maybe Blmoon can see more about the little boy, that would really rock!

  • You never know, anything is possible. Now you have me wanted to revisit that posting to see what else you said about the odd fellow. LOL

  • This new friend will be different tha anything before--in the past "love" has come with so much out of control strife and pain because of your attraction to past wounds--it was all you knew. This is different. You have earned it and this person comes to take you to a new place in your life--your past had you in poverty mode--undeserving mode---poverty energy on all levels. This friend is that unconditional love you have never really had--he by example helps you love yourself. I'm excited for you---but no need to search him out or think too much about it. I think the travel connection is linked to him somehow---Either he draws you out to travel or you meet him after traveling but see it is not a part of where you live now but somewhere else. Be open for it--it does take a bit of bravery on your part because this is change--change is scary. This man is not rich yet he has a midas touch--attracts what he needs and has a cotentment and apreciation for the small things--he helps you undo your poverty thinking. BLESSINGS!

  • Sweet RC you SO deserve it! Blmoon, can you locate a young boy close to RC's man?

    After reading this post I have really been noticing how I spark things off the whole time and how I keep getting electric shocks and my hair keeps going all static and rising up in the air.

  • Blmoon I can't tell you how that makes me feel. Wow sounds like there are sparks on the horizon even if it's just friendship and that's probably about all I'm ready for anyway, healing has been a journey and I wouldn't want to take on more than I am ready for to affect how far I've come so far. I could sure stand to be around someone who is not just scraping by that's for sure. Mind you I'm not a money grubber or anything like that. It's just that in the past I've often been the one who paid for things and well sometimes that gets old Really, really old. I'm all for dutch treat anytime I'm just really done with be used, I think thanks to all of you I've learned I really do deserve better than that. I'll do my best not to over think it and be on the look out but I must say you have my curiosity peeked with this little bit of news. Thanks. Blmoon I'm really glad you popped in with this news, I needed something to look forward to as I am worried about depression once we make the move. I'm fighting it but it's on my mind so I am trying to be aware to ward it off as best I can. Wishing you well dear friend and hoping you'll keep in touch often. I'm anxious to see where and how this travel comes into play, I'll keep you posted if something new and fascinating arises on my end. I continue to hunt for those in my family past but I am trying very hard to live in the present.

    You are right the move is a necessary one. It's not the place I'd have chosen or where I want to be but I've accepted it as part of the process and a stepping stone to what comes next so I'm working through it. Or at least I'm trying my best to continue to do without getting negative about it.

  • Man has anyone seen the sorcerer's apprentice? We got to see it last night and I was so impressed. It's a bit of a mushy love story in the underlying lines of the tale but the visual effects were something awesome and they mentioned the magnetic and electrical effects relating to magic or power. Now I'm not one to dabble in magic but if this psychic awareness isn't power or at least powerful I don't know what is. It was just a very cool analogy.

  • special effects? I don't know why that got blocked. It's amazing what movie production companies can do with computers these days.

  • Rc I was just taking a quiz from and found some interesting info on the different energies and what "problems" and also how they affect our energy and gifts. I haven't gotten too into it. I am in so much pain yesterday and last night PAIN and no restful sleep and continues today. typing is hard. I just thought that maybe you may find it interesting. The post under Anything goes...what type of psychic are you. Something like that and I did the quiz then looked into my color LOTS OF INFO. Check it out if you will~hugs

  • I was doing my first real automatic writing session years ago, during which the light bulb in the room blew. I was already feeling the energy from my writing when this happened it kind of scared me out of the moment. I think now that my father and grandparents (i assume), who have passed over, know I can do this and recognize things, they do play around with the lights. I can mention my grandmother and the night light will go out or lights will flash. A few days ago I did the abundance prayer and one of the track lights got really bright and then went out. The next day it was on fine. I also don't think this is tied into the bathroom issue with the lights either. I was just told by a friend she has an issue with blowing lights from room to room at times. 😉

  • BTW - I also started having panic attacks around that time. Do you know of any correlation between nervous orders and intuitive or psychic people?

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