Magnetic and Electrical effects on the body and our gifts

  • I wrote today on the RCdreamer writes thread:

    I struck on something the other day and have been wondering about it. How many of you feel you have either a "magnetic" personality? or almost an electrical energy within you?

    It occurred to me that years ago I used to wear this magnetic therapy bracelet and I haven't worn one in a very long time but I remembered that when I did wear it, my back pain was alleviated. Again it could be mind over matter or oddly coincidental but I wonder if the magnetic enhancement to my body if you will really did in some strange way help me to come into alignment if you will within my nervous system or what have you. I can tell you this when I removed the bracelet after wearing it for just minutes, my fingers would tremble uncontrollably, it was weird but it got my attention. And I find that I am very electrical, I zap people unknowingly or without meaning to all the time. Now I know that this time of year in the winter months it is not uncommon to build up static electricity but I kid you not I can walk by a wall, made of drywall and get shocked just passing by it. I'm forever zapping the girls just by touching them. Anyway, I was just curious if magnetic fields or electricity play a factor in any of your lives? Perhaps it all stems from being struck by a lightning jolt I don't know but I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

    So from all this a curiosity arose do you think a magnetic or electrical impulse affects your own awareness, you psychic abilities if you will? Are they enhanced or hindered by that energy? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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  • Oh my word I never thought that it could have something to do with our gifts or about how it might effect. I have a horrible time with watches...they stop.. Battery dead. I have learned that while praying DO NOT dust your husband's stereo equipment. I reset everything. He has to reprogram the TV, Stereo, dvd...ect. I have also blown 2 mother boards... He won't get me another..go figure. I was just thinking that I seem to draw and I do not like electricity Hate being zapped it like hits deep and very very uncomfortable. I will be shaky for several minutes after a silly light switch zap. I almost enjoy the warmth of the drawing though. Oh my word I am a sucker of energy. When I am in deep prayer, like warrior type praying,( in a group) others tend to gather and crowd me. My daughters have told me that they feel safe and like the passion that they feel when I am in this state. Kinda drives me crazy and is often hard to concentrate. I pray alone for the most part now. Hope this helps some curiosity as this is my experience. Hugs /Peg

  • Poetic I don't know how much the scientists know yet but a sister in Christ had told me that the thought at this time is that those who have died and come back have a strange magnetic force and also seem to have higher environmental alertness. I have died...once recorded and once at home I had a heart attack and was gone but returned again without medical assistance. Doctors were very confused...I love when that happens. makes ya want to say My Doctor is better than you AND he didn't charge me anything, you even try to take the credit. Anyway so I don't know if the death/rebirth has anything to do with it or not. I remember that before the first time I used to zap and be zapped by everything and everyone. Thank God that is gone!

  • Wow Feangelikah that's interesting, I think my mom was like that. She used to kill watches also. One time a jeweler had her try a watch and she killed it instantly, he told her she probably couldn't even wear an astronauts watch because she had too much electricity in her body. I've been known to recharge watch batteries by wearing them so I guess that is something that passed on to me. I definitely seem to attract electricity. It's a real pain literally at times. But I am curious if anyone has ever studied the effects of electrical or magnetic energies on psychic gifts or awareness? Could be it's a common thread we never considered.

  • RC I have 7 watches collected over the years maybe you can recharge them and I will give them out for gifts. Wait...then I have to find someone to hand them out. lol It makes sense to me though as God wants us to be in tune with nature and we are affected by the solar system; so why not. We pray for energy. There must be a serious link. Sorry no real knowledge.

  • Yea I think you'd have a slight dilemma with that plan....LOL

    Seriously though I'd like some input on how much magnetic and electrical energy affects us as receivers so to speak.

  • Bump, but seriously folks, have any of you read about or ever had an understanding of the effects magnetic energy and electricity have on our psychic abilities, awareness? Your thoughts.....

  • I did a saging around the house a couple of months ago now and the bathroom lights in both bathrooms only stopped working even when the breaker was reset. I don't know what happened or why, but 3-4 weeks later, they came back on and have been fine since. I am not happy about the fear I now attached to saging the bathrooms again! When in meditation group, the energy in the room is palpable.

  • Waterbear, it's interesting you bring that up, we have a move coming up and I've been wondering what steps I should take to prepare our new home for our presence and if possible rid it of any residual effects from others. Our little one is extremely sensitive to such things and at age 3, I want this transition to be easy for her not traumatic. I had heard smudging with sage worked well to cleanse an area but your story seems to offer a slightly different aspect of that....hmm something to consider.

    I'd like to share some thoughts with you. My own experience in the past has been that bathrooms often times do have lingering sensations of others. I'm no expert but my thoughts on that are that a bathroom although intended for a variety of uses is an area where one typically spends shall we say personal time. Thus I would think leaving their mark on a place such as this might be easier than say the living room or hallway where the feeling is not so personal. We've been reminded on the threads that water holds memory which is another factor and more importantly in my own opinion is the presence of a mirror, a reflection of those who have peered into it and in my own experience it can act as a vortex of sorts. This is not to say any of these matters has caused the light issues in your bathrooms but I would say perhaps you have disturbed someone who simply did not wish to be bothered. Your presence was not a bother but when you cleansed and tried to rid your place of any issues maybe you upset whoever was lingering near.

    Hmmm more food for thought, I will have to choose carefully what I decide to do at our new place. Certainly don't want to upset any previous tenants.

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on that. I did a walk through in the beginning & my neighbor told me she had also done prayers around the house while it was empty. However, I did not have sage then and neither did she. I have opened myself up to a lot since I've moved here and felt it would be a good idea. I did read up on the history and proper ways to sage before hand and you are supposed to end the prayers at an open window or door or light a white candle. Nonetheless, I am not going to try to do it again and just leave it at that now that the lights suddenly came on again! Blessings to you for a wonderful and prosperous new year!

  • Hi - this is kind of interesting - so I will tell one of my little stories of electircal failure. I went to do some photography for my friend at a bouse he had remodeled. WHen I got there, I parked in front of one of the neighbor's homes and was getting my stuff out of the car when she came out and wondered what I was doing. I thought maybe I was bothering her by parking in front of her house so I went to move my car. The car would not start.. So Itold her that I could not move it right then and got my stuff and went to the right house and got the cameras set up. One camera would not work at all. I assumed it was a dead battery. Then, 2 of the flash units would not work. One I was using and one I lemnt my friend for his camera.. Luckily we got one flash working.. We got all done and I asked him if he could jump my battery but I had to see if I had cables buried in my car. I put my stuff in the car and decided to give it a try.

    I started right up!

    So I went back i nand told him it started and he came out and I gave him a ride to his car.

    I dropped him off and went right to the store to buy a new battery for the camera that would not work. I got home. I got home and tried the camera again. It worked fine. I tried the flahes that did not work. They all worked! Then I checked my watch as I always had it set 5 minutes ahead.

    I had lost 2 minutes.

    Either there was a weird electrical field near the place I went to, or I did something to affect the elctrical field of those things - or I had a bried alien encounter and don't remember any of it 🙂

  • Hi RC,

    I know exactly what you mean i am always giving electrical shocks to whoever is near me and mobile phones never seem to last me a year as the batteries always start draining even though i only charge them when they run out and watch batteries never seem to last me to long either i have worn magnetic bracelets in the past and i found them to drain my energy i always fet very lethargic when i put them on .

  • turtledust, that was some story. Sounds like someone didn't want you to take those pictures or be there and they made several attempts to get you to give up. I give you credit for enduring it and continuing. I hope the results were good. They do say that spirit presence can suck the life out of batteries, I think it is a similar effect to extreme cold on a car battery during the winter. I wonder why they seem to effect temperature to such a degree. I will have to read up on that more. So you have successfully raised my curiosity. I know the effects I have on electricity or those I encounter and cause electrical effects perhaps is a better way to put it. Now I wonder am I the conduit of that electricity because the spirits around me come to me as a receiver, they themselves would in most instances drain the batteries or cause flickering of lights but through me they are "charged" and rejuvenated, the flow of electricity abounds. I'm not sure I'm on the right track but it is something to ponder. Thanks for the info.

  • Mags thanks for your comments as well. I must say I am surprised how many people have said they kill batteries when I have the opposite effect. I'm not sure why that is, yet. And when I wore the magnetic bracelet things seemed improved. The magnetic adjustment brought not only my back into alignment but other areas of my life as well, shall we say it was conducive. Oddly enough I don't recall if I had less of the zapper effect then. It might be worth checking out. Hope the comments keep coming. I may figure some of this out yet.

  • Hi RC - that's the problem. We didn't get that many "great shots". Part of it was because I was photographing a kitchen remodel and I was not prepared for the galre off the stainless steel appliances..I also had the ISO on the first roll of film I shot set way wrong for the first half. The last shots I took, we had trouble rewinding the film and the back popped open so we lost that last 6 or so shots. I did get some good shots on my digital camera. Now that I think of it, I want to go back through all of the photos and look for evidence of "entities". neennennentwilght zone theme music. Really though. My car should have died BEFORE I got to the house. It actually dies in front of the house. so that I couldn't leave and though I would have to wait for my friend to leave and jump my car. It actually allowed for an pportunity for me to give him a ride back to his car which the gave us the opportunity to have a little talk. I didn't think too much of the issues with the flashes and the camera not working until I got home and tested everything and it mostly worked. I am hoping that he gets to work on another house up in the same area abd that I get to go try photographing that house.. If it happens again I will be totally weirded out.

  • Well if it happens again "in that area" it may be significant to the area, you just happen to be getting the privilege of the encounter.

  • Hi Guys ,

    I have this friend who constantly has light bulbs explode on her shes lived in 3 different houses in different areas and it always happens have any of you guys heard of this before?

  • Well I would think just like a high frequency voice can shatter glass, the same is probably true with high levels of electricity. I've never experienced that myself, thank goodness.

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