What to do with Aries Man..Captain, can I get a reading/advice please?

  • Aries:4/7/82

    Me: 7/11/80

    Dear Captain,

    I need a reading/advice with an Aries man. We met online. We hit it off but then suddenly he becomes distant. He told me his reasons why - it's because he is scared of being in a serious relationship. His last relationship was 5 years long and she cheated on him. So he and I slowed down. After that, communication becomes nonexistent and I start to let go but then he contacts me after a week of silence wanting to hangout but then cancels on me last minute because he was still feeling sick. I'm so utterly confused..I can't stop thinking how wonderful he was in the beginning which makes it hard to let go. I've given him a lot of space and occasionally initiate communication but I'm old-fashion and if a man is not pursuing the woman then he's just not into her. Am I right? Should I give up on this man for good or should I be patient with him? I would love for something to develop between him and I, but are we even compatible?

    Please help me..any advice will be greatly appreciated...

    ~thank you

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  • i think i can help you out, email me

  • Help 😞

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