Captain or Blmoon A Reading Please

  • Hello:

    I had a very accurate reading several months ago which helped me immensely and was hoping either of you would be so kind to provide me with some insight for 2011. My date of birth is 2/23/65 at 6:23 p.m. I would like to know if I am finally ready to make any changes to my career, if I will do any significant traveling and if I am nearing a time when I will connect in a meaningful love relationship with a man who is ready in every way to be with me and who is worthy of my heart. Thank you.

  • Spirit says the reading I gave you months ago still stands and you know the answer to your own question. Have you connected in a meaningfull love relationship with yourself? All you desire comes as you know yourself--your shadow side--you can not change who you are--the reality of your wounds but you can manage yourself! Spirit shows me the word AWARENESS---that's the story of the last six months and you have been presented with situations that bring out your self destructive side so you can learn to override that--awareness is the key. Your lack of power causes a restlesness that sometimes leads you away--Spirit shows me a dog chasing it's tail--as if you just have to do something. I think the closer you get to answering your own questions the closer you are getting to yes claiming your power. You are very gifted and have a understanding of human nature. It's the early loss of self that pulls you to attach to people--living through their needs--measuring yourself by their attention or rejection--you tend to miss opportunities because you read the wrong intentions into situations--think the worst about yourself--this is the roadblock in the job situation. You fear mistakes and failure--you don't expect the positive as much as imagine the worst. Isolation is a problem. Spirit says you ARE on the right path. See your most imperfect side with great forgiveness and avoid regret and self punishment and you will keep moving ahead. Do not crave a man right now--avoid the old "mental" relationship in your head--it is just a place to hide--an addiction you used to survive when you where abandoned emotionaly as a child--we cannot live withoyut love! Even if we have to invent it! Spirit shows me that August will change your life in a very good way. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you.

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