Can anyone answer me this one question? Help!

  • I need to know if I am going to lose weight this year and if there is anything that will help me more to lose the weight.


  • Hi I am here to offer encouragement to you. I went from being 173 pounds down to 129 in 5 months after i had my first child. what I did was cut out pasta and all junk foods including pop for 4 months straight not once did I eat not even a chocolate bar. I walked about 1 hour walks 3 times a week sometimes I would walk longer but at my own pace. I also ate more vegetables and cut my portions into servings. I also watched how much meat I ate. I was told my blood pressure was high and i was at risk of a heart attack I was 25 at the time and was never overly obese until I had my daughter. I am now 29 healthy and in the best shape of my life and I just had another baby 6 months ago and I feel awesome. I think that if you are determined you can do this and make it work for you too. I was not overly crazy for veggies but i try finding creative ways to hide them in my food 🙂 and because of this now I crave veggies instead of junk. I can now eat the treats once in a while and not feel guilty. I walk more often to help keep the weight off. Walking is great exercise and since I dont drive its the only way I get around most days. I hope this helps. Best wishes to you and a Happy new year. If you need anything please let me know.

  • Hi Honeykat4, luckyne is right, you have to put the time in to lose the weight, especially as you get older. You didn't say how old you are. When i was a kid and I gained a lb or two, I'd cut out my cookie snack at lunch for a couple of days. Now of course it takes diet AND exercise AND time LOL. It is amazing how much a simple walk a few times a week will do or portion control. Spend a week writing down EVERYTHING you eat and add the calories up. If you're like me it will scare you! At one point years ago I'd eat 1/3 - 1/2 a box of pasta at a time - with butter and or cheese. There are EIGHT servings in a box and I was doing 2-3!! There are 3500 calories in a pound. Depending on your daily intake, dropping 500 a day will mean a pound a week. More if you exercise. The biggest thing to be careful of is dropping your intake down TOO much and putting your body into starvation mode. I find when everything is balanced, I can eat MORE food than I thought - if it's GOOD food and I'm working out right. If I eat JUNK food I eat less (but way more calories), feel more hungry and just worse in general.

    A healthy lifestyle is hard work but SO worth it! Good luck and keep us posted. 🙂

    ps - luckyne - congrats on the willpower. I find that if I try to keep away from ALL "bad" food I will cave and binge. So I have learned it won't kill me to have the occasional York peppermint patty or something - if it keeps me from going through a pound of Hershy kisses in 2 days!


  • Thank you YD, Oh it was very hard to steer clear of the junk. I don't know where the willpower came from but I do believe that it had something to do with my doctor scaring me enough to want to make that change and my unhappiness with the way I felt about myself. Glad I did it though. Best way to steer clear of the junk is to make a list and go around the out side perimeter of the grocery store I usually start by grabbing my bread products, head over to produce walk over to the meat section then dairy secdtion. Then I look at what I need from the inside aisles that are on the list and go real quick down the aisles that i need too. if something from the chip and pop aisle isn't on my list theres no need to go there so I walk as fast as I can in the other direction to avoid it.

  • Hi Luckyne, good luck!!

    Not sure if you have on line shopping available to you, but by doing a weekly menu and just buying those ingredients and NOTHING more apart from the usual non food stuff. DO NOT shop for anything more. You don't need to go to the store, so no tempatations. It will also save you a huge amount of money!!! Two lucky strikes - weight and cash.

    If you do not have online shopping available, make a list and ONLY shop for those items on the list. NEVER shop when you are hungry!!! My friend was recently made redundant and started to look at her shopping habits. She now realises that corn can be cut in two (or three) and pulses/beans are high in protein and fills you up and is a good meat substitute. Always have a salad with avocado and red onion, power food!!

    I wish you lots of luck but this is a life change, not until you lose "x" pounds. Eat little and often if you need to if that suits you better. I personally adhere to the eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and supper like a Pauper.

    Albeit x

  • Well, I never did eat junk because I am diabetic but working on that and have a slow metabolism. I had to cut out all bread and pasta completely and go on a doctor prescribed diet I only eat about 800 to 900 cals and I need medicine to combat fat in my blood without this i cant seem to lose weight! Update however I have lost 21 lbs. yes 21 lbs. Thanks for the help I would like to lose more. So keep the positive flow going my Way!

  • 800-900 calories a day is not enough to sustasain basic every day functions. I fear it will only slow your metabolism more. Did your doctor order this? how long did it take you to lose 21 lbs - since you posted in Jan?

    I lost 14 lbs in a month last year purely due to stress. It was not good or healthy and I scared a lot of people.

    Thinking of you,


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  • no it took me alot longer to lose that 21 lbs i even gained a few pounds back about 3 lbs but trying to stay on tract and if i eat more i dont lose I only gain. I took me 1-3 lbs per week to lose that more like 2 in half to 3 months.

  • way to go honeycat!!! losing weight is a slow process in order to keep it off last year when I found out I was a diabetic I decided I was going to lose weight so I started walking and eating healthier (I am a junk food junkie :)) my honey also needed to lose weight as he is borderline for diabeates, and a little over weight & his doctor put him on the south beach diet so I went on it with him and I lost over 50 pounds and I am maintaining it & my sugar count has gone back to normal without the meds so hopefully I wont have to take it anymore also since I cant afford to join a gym I use my can veges to help tone the muscles in the arms & I use house cleaning for more excersise such as sweeping the floor I use it to stretch as for your metabolism did they test your thyroid? there are also foods that help to boost the metabolisim

    Hang in there it is a slow process but it feels really good when you get the compliments on how good you are looking and yes I do eat my junk food but only on occasion

  • my goodness EVERYONE!!!! you're telling my history are you all psychics? i've been on this same road for 40 years.losing and picking up the same 3 stones. over and over again. i haven't the foggiest idea how to give advice but i'd certainly like some. i'm not going to give up carbs though so no one tell me that. i do however find the waliking DVDs really good and i can follow them at home so no one else sees my wobbly bits having kids to be a role model too helps and i try not to have junk food in the house and i buy treats in small packs to help with portion control but over all i think my problems are using food for emotional comfort. does anyone else do this?

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