Favorite Spiritual Books

  • My favourite Spiritual book is "Grist for the Mill", by Ram Dass. It was written around 1987, but the insights are just as relevant today as they ever were. The concept of the book is "preparing for dieing" as he puts it. But that is rather deceiving. What he means by that is preparing to "go to God". The essential concept is that of at the end of your life cycle to either choose to repeat a new life cycle (reincarnation) so that you can learn even more about 'perfection', or else to decide that you've learned enough, and are ready to join God. It talks about many concepts along the way including energy, how to meditate, how to recognize the five 'planes' of existance and to learn to live in all five simultaniously, etc. Basically the whole book talks of concepts that allow you to expand you mind and expand your thinking, perception, and understanding. I've gained much insight from it.

    Other books that I enjoy which are MUCH simpler reading and are not directly talking about spirituality but use analogies to get the mind thinking of the 'concepts' are Richard Bach's, "Illusions" and "Johnathan Livingston Seagull", Herman Hesse's, "Sidartha", and "The Medicine Wheel" by Sun Bear. I feel that these books are a much lighter read, and sort of 'prepare' your mind for thinking about the concepts talked about by Ram Dass.

    These are some of the books that I've enjoyed the most. What are some of your favourite spiritual books and why?

  • DreamerNorth I enjoy books by Dan Millman and Mary Summer Rain. And Dr. Brian Weiss. I have many interests so my books cover many topics. But I like true experiences because my life has been on the same track as some of these peoples.

  • "Grist for the Mill" Does sound good- especially the part about living in all 5 planes at once. if i'm not mistaken, wasn't Ram Dass a professor at Berkley with Timothy Leary and involved in the original experiments with LSD? i have alot of respect for his opinions on the subject of spiritualism- i think he did some studying with the shamans that Castaneda wrote about, also. what a well-rounded background! i really liked Stephen LaBerge's "Lucid Dreaming"...i was able to have some myself after reading his suggestions. Robert Monroe's books on out-of-body travel, Joseph Chilton Pearce's books, especially "The Crack in the Cosmic Egg" as you can see, most of the books i've read are older- i need some suggestions for the newer writers on the subject.

  • Yep, that was Ram Dass. I thought it was Harvard though. My book is on loan to a friend so I cannot look it up. I suppose I could just google it. Anyway, it was one of those 'top schools' and yes it was LSD. He has no qualms about that. In fact, some of the stories he relays in his book he is all hopped up on LSD at his grandmother's death bed. He understood what he was using it for. Apparently so did his dying grandmother, but the rest of the family considered him an outcast because of it.

    The books you mention sound pretty interesting as well. I'll have to check them out sometime. I've had one (and a half - I woke up soon after I realized I was dreaming) lucid dreams before. They are quite the experience. I need to find some newer authors as well. You can always continue to learn from the 'old masters' as well though.

  • you're probably right about Harvard- i guess i just automatically associate Leary with the west coast. they were some brave pioneers, though, weren't they? i think we all were very curious in the '70's about the psychadelics and raising our spiritual consciousness, admittedly some more than others, but if your just into it for the pleasure, you'd certainly pick a more predictable drug.

    it was about 20 years ago that i read about lucid dreaming, and quite frankly, at the time i scared myself with the results i was getting, so i got away from it. i'd like to get back into again now that i know myself better- and i've been plagued with repeated dreams lately.

    the reason i'd like to find some more modern books is that there's been so much progress in Physics lately (it's catching up with MetaPhysics 😃 and the 2 are coming together. i'm not knowledgable about physics, but some of the more recent discoveries about the chaos theory and holograms, etc, i'd like to find a good book that explains it better- maybe, 'Physics for Dummies'

  • Yes, you're right about physics. Quantum physics deals specifically with metaphysical details which is exactly what spiritual energy is all about. It's all Einstein's theories. Stephen Hawkins is supposed to be a modern mind that expands on Einstein's theories. That's the crippled dude in the wheel chair. His books are supposed to be 'something else'.

    A friend of mine gave me a couple of books a few years back that related to theories of quantum physics. I haven't read them yet though. I really should. They are "Brocas Brain" by Carl Sagan, which is apparently about "the joys of discovering how the world works" (his former best seller was called "Cosmos"), as well as "Beginnings: The Story of Origins - Of Mankind, Life, the Earth, the Universe", by Isaac Asimov. These books were New York Times best sellers years ago.

  • well, there was even a show, on Discovery channel i think, about scientists actually having some kind of proof that there Are parallel universes- that 's so exciting! and Monroe talked about that years ago, long before the Sliders series. 😃 (i've always Loved sci-fi) i read the Theosophical Society books quite awhile back, which was the first i learned of different planes of existence. it was only recently that i found out the Nazi connection with the theos. soc., but i really never got that sort of message from the books- and i still think it's not their fault that Hitler got into their philosophy. but i've had dreams that i've really thought seemed to be not just dreams, but actual travel on the astral plane...any thoughts on that?

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