Blmoon reading please?

  • About a year ago I had a really good reading on here that really came true in many ways.. I would like you to do a reading for the next year I have ahead. This past year I was told would be very emotional and tough for me. But also a growing period. Which it REALLY was. I'm hoping for a better year this time around. My birthday is 1/21/1990. I was born at 11:42 pm. (If that helps some).

    Also Im dating a guy that is born 11/6/1988.. any insight on that relationship?

  • The biggest energy I pick up is your Scorpio. This is a shape shifter situation and he is offering you lessons--with the usual Scorpio sting. First, you have been captured by his magnatism--big time and right now in over your head as there is an important part of your nature that prefers having feet planted firmaly and a clear head. Your nature does not understand the drama thing he creates---when he feels--you think and then he gets uneasy with that. He has control issues but is young and not found his potential. Scorpios are not for the weak and they lose respect for people who let them get away with taking advantage. They are the masters of the poker face and will say and act out of character at times just to keep others guessing. They respect honesty. They are the most loyal of friends and lovers but expect their loved ones to not be needy--they'll help when it really counts but mostly they prefer their mates to be independant. They like the chase and often act bored once they know they've got you--that's why a mate must never give up her power for him as he can't resist being in control yet he will lose respect and can even be cruel--it's his way of saying--show me some power--as weakness turns them off the most. With him you have to not always listen to what he says but know him better. The best advice is to be busy enough without him--in a good way but never play the jeoulousy game with a scorpio. Never underestimate their anger or power if you've ticked them off. Stand up for yourself if they are wrong and if you are wrong give them room to cool off. He's in your life to help you build some backbone---he can be very manipulative--and uses guilt to keep you under his radar. Every woman must survive a wolf without being eaten before she comes into her own power. He is your wolf. Be sure to follow your bliss this year--your passion--what makes you happy most---keep that balance between the energy you give to him and the energy you give your spirit. Follow your creative urges this year. You have a carearr opportunity coming soon--March or sooner but March stands out but you must be ready--he can hold you back. The key is usuing gentle humor when he hits you with too many demands. There is a creative talent you have that may not pay at first but if you stay true to it it will lead you to a satisfying job opportunity. Also watch your health--don't fixate on body image---stress can eat you up inside--stomach upsets.. Drink more water--stay away from soda---Spirit says be kind to your kidneys. Also January is a good time for a makeover. Go somewhere a little expensive but worth it and ask for the the most popular hairstylist their and tell her to make you look hot. Change is good this year but not the impulsive kind--this year is about reclaiming who you are. BLESSINGS

  • Thank you so much! I really needed that. How you explained my guy is very point on. I've wanted it to work out between us but I don't think it will unless I do toughen up my back bone. Stand up for myself. He keeps comin around but it does seem as though he is bored. That's where I get confused as to if he really likes me or not.. If he's truly interested still. But I will take your advice. Thank u so much.

  • Scorpios do not come back unless they are interested---they will not bother once they are done they are done. He's a lot more interested than he wants you to get comfy with--keeping you guesing is a way of keeping the ball in his court. Scorpios are very protective of themselves--because they give so much passion it scares them to be vulnerable---their greatest fear is being made a fool of but with maturity they get better. If you are trustworthy he must trust in that and you must never let him make you feel guilty when he is being insecure. With him I think your best communication trump is humor--when he ticks you off--sometimes scorpios play cat and mouse just to enjoy being in power--instead of getting angry respond with something truthfuly funny--sarcasm works with Scorpios.. Difuse his stings with humour---showing him you are not weak will let him know you will not be toyed with and you know what he's doing.

  • That is very true.. I think I can do that. Im good with humor. I can see where he is very protective with his heart as well. I do like him a lot and ive been nothing but honest with him. It's just his stings that get me down or make me feel like he doesnt want me or doesn't care. But that is true.. he wouldn't keep coming along if there wasn't something right? I just need to make it clear im not a toy.. cause im not at all. You truly are the best.. this whole reading helped a lot.

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