Captian could you please help I am a little confused

  • Captain,

    Hi Captain. I am a little confused right now between to men both treat me good. But I would like your insight on which one would be a better match for me and if you could see either relationship lasting. My inicials are CMM dob is May 17,1987, the first guys inicials AQ dob August 30,1983, and the second guys inicials are KJ dob is December 16,1988. Thank you so much in advance.

  • sorry Captain I didnt realize my friend was logged in I just assumed I was under my log in. So the reading is for me not for jena1977. Sorry once again for the inconvience.


  • I will not barge in and do a bitrthdate reading as that does not at all tell me your nature, nurture, ascension leval, level of self confidence faith and trust as well as both partners, it does not tell me your goals and choices therefore no fair jusgment to discern who or what is wrothy and it does not tell me your self worth; self worth of yourself will affect the outcome of how others will worth you. It does not tell me the others level of truth,, honesty, reality of their goals and choices and so on.............Its only standardized. I do not consider anyone that........we all have souls that carry other influences as well..........

    Love does not manifest on indecision. low self trust, lack of self belief and faith in ones own jusgment..remember love is Strength

    Since Captain has been doing it Ill let her or him go ahead in that action...........

    Wednesday, December 29, 2010Inquest Abysmal Truth Within The Higher Self

    How many have had repeat situations?

    Every "Situation" in life is a learning experience and lesson. Life experience applies to the same theory of a school exam; YOU must take it until YOU pass it on your own without counsel and outside help. You then seek the "truths". YOU engross yourself with the knowledge that applies to the "situation" (test); YOU discern and formulate your best affluent strategy. YOU must grasp the truth and YOU must move fowards with the Truth; it cannot be denied.

    Every situation in your life requires you to seek deep thruth is an opportunity to evolve and attain self Ascension.

    Self Ascension: deliberates the conscious decision to bring one’s life experience into alignment with higer self (spirit self) soul consciousness. A consistant active approach superseding the ego and unordered thoughts that prevents one from living in the now and trusting in their inner awareness.

    The more heartache and trial you experience the more you have to seek the truth into yourself and then become an aware being with growth.To raise your frequency higher; go within and ask yourself. Seek deeper truth to elevate your vibration. Initiate your next steps with the inherited truths influencing you judgments. If you do not let yourself see the truth and carry it out, you will keep acquiring the same situations as "lessons" until you do. Another person and situation will ascend your way as another test and opportunity for you to pass it and release it entirely out of your life. The test will keep coming until YOU handle it independently and trust in yourself and become Enlightened.

    Once you exhibit your higher vibration you can attract the same frequency and you will think differently about requesting info and answers from ones who do not hold the truth in your situations becuase no one holds the truth to you or your partners in the given situation. Your partner who may or may not have self truth and ascension; so no one but you can judge it. Even if the other parties lack self truth; you can at least go within to seek yours concerning the situation and make the judgement call. No one else can but YOU.

    We can and should show gratitude for the many situations that evolve in our life becuase its from those situations that we are presented with ambition to inquest our resonate self. We then attain what self understanding is; Enlightenment. We then can raise our vibration and predict outcomes and attract higher frequency with higher self awareness and Ascension.

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  • I asked this: How can I assist Taurusbaby22 with her ascension...................

    Subcoinscious and Consciously

    Subconscious: King Wands-

    Do you lead with integrity and honesty?

    Do not compromise in this area. Your success in leadership depends on your integrity

    How adaptive and flexible are you?

    As much as I love tradition (especially family traditions), I keep my mind and strategies open to new ideas so I can rule with flexibility. With focus, you can too.

    Are you a spiritual leader?

    You do not have to be an evangelist to spiritually lead. Just lead by honor and humility.

    Consciously-9 wands-

    Am I prepared to carry our task to its final conclusion?

    Do I need to call for further reinforcements?

    What have I learned from previous challenges that can serve me now?

    Am I willing to stand firm in my beliefs

    Tsrot can only segue into the direct areas of life that need conscious and subconscious assessment; will in choice is in the power of your hands and the people in your situation..........

  • Thank you Capricorn444

  • the guy with the darkest hair..he's the one

  • Your very Welcome:)

  • Well they both have black hair one is hispanic with black hair and the other guy is african american with black hair. Once again thanks for the help

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