May I get a reading pleas anyone

  • Hi. I was wondering if anyone would be up to give me a reading I am going through a very hard time right now. Im getting a divorce. I have been very depressed lately. The guy I was seeing told me that he was using me that he never felt anything for me. So please if anyone could give me some insight I would really appreciate it. My DOB is june 16,1977. I would like to know if I will actually meet someone who does really care about me? Thank you in advance.

  • King of Wands x

    Ten of Cups x

    King of Swords

    Yes you will meet someone he is the King of Swords. Very smart and attractive man, but a bit serious. You won't meet him until later on after your divorce is finalized though. Your ex is the King of Wands and he has to leave out of the picture so your new love can come into your life.

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