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  • HOW MANY HAVE BEEN IN A CIRCLE OF CONFUSION? How many have been seeking counsel and have yet to truthfully get that career and family and relationship with real hapiness that they deserve?

    Its your life, will, coice and path. Lets face the truth; no matter what one says; we on here do not know the other testimonies regarding relationships, the other partner and their path and the emptional attachemnts, nature and nurture they carry to give you a real answer.

    Ask yourself this: If you constantly need one to discern your relationship; are you really ready for one?

    Do you have faith and trust in self? If not; you will not in another and not in a relationship.

    I have a great blog and would love to share with all divienjusticecolino

    its a blogger blog I use google.

    Beth Lynch-google her name

    Questions get us to answers, we must ask our inner guides and trust in our guide. Even though it may not be ehat we want our guid tells us I know you know, Its sacrifice because we want to attain that harmony dont we? But we must hold it and carri it first:)

  • Agreed and Capricorn444 U have inspired this quit a bit:

    It might be worth listening to the opinions of those CLOSEST to you and discerning their view,but it doesn’t mean you have to take their suggestions. After all, you ought to know yourself better than anyone. You own whatyou really want out of life. However, because the responsibility to make the right decisions in life is very much on your shoulders, it can be more Convenient and Easyto convince yourself that other people know better, which generally isn’t the case.

    Practice self-reflection and ascertain what you really want out of life, so that you can then spend the rest of the time applying yourself to achieve the goals you have set yourself.

    There are books out there on "Ascension" check them out.:)

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