2011 prediction. Would appreciate some insight

  • I was wondering if anyone can give me insight into what is in store for me in 2011. The last 4 years have been like a roller coaster with ups and downs and I am now entering a time in my life where I am preparing for my career. I would really appreciate a reading especially with regard to my career and love lives. My name is Kelly Boyle. My birth date is 6/29/1988. Thank you .

  • May I share with you ?

    Everything that occurs, happens Intentionally even if we dont believe so,

    everything begins with an, thought,intetnion, & believe.

    Begin by focusing your attention on what you want out of this, year and not on

    what you dont want..forget the past refuse to dwell and intentionally

    make your intentions clear in every way possbile, what Ivew found that

    OURSELFS are our biggest downfalls at times, people cant FAIL US

    we FAIL OURSELFS because were in control of what we choose to allow ourselfs to

    intentionally do, were in control of who we listen to, who we hang around, who we dislike

    ect, control yourself .

    blerssings, wishing you the BEST! xxxxx

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