What's with this particular time for me?

  • Hi There

    Thanks for reading this for a start.

    For sometime now, whenever I look at the clock (digital) its always happens to be 59 minutes past the house 95% of the time.

    So it can be 18:59; 09:59, 23:59 no particular time but just 59! minutes past.

    What does this mean? anything?

  • look up the numerology for those numbers even add them up and see if it has any significance to you. There is free numerology at astrogy cafe website. I think your guides are trying to get your attention about something...maybe even a date such as may 9th. think about it...it will come to you.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Lovinmylife and Watergirl

    Many thanks for that, much appreciated. Yeah its just weird that I see it. But cant see it resonate with me for some reason perhaps in time itll reveal itself.


  • That used to happen to me much....it happens to many as well. I wouldnt pay to much attention to little things like that, just be aware of your life. Technically it would be a 5 reduced and that is conflict and choice.

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