Past Lives

  • Dear The Captain"

    I have written to you three times, but it will not let me post them after that person posted in the thread her advertisement under our thread. I reported the person, but still decide to do a new thread which is the pits as you cannot look at the previous writings. My mother was my downfall in life and still is. I am the oldest of 5, but was and am not good enough for her to this day, I do not tell her what she wants to hear or ignore her, I tell her how I see it or how I think it is and she does not like this. She never treated me or my brother good growing up, I was like the mother to the other 4 and never knew how to be a kid and have fun because of this. This is still hard for me, but I remember her watching my brother because he was so good at everything and not watching me , my grandmother would watch me.This happened for years, my brother and I became very close gowing up trying to hide from everything. He wants nothing to do with her and I actually feel sorry for her at times. This is where I have problems with trust, self confidence and self esteem. Do you do anything with regards to past lives? Thank you

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