• Hey I am new to this site but really enjoying it noticed that some posters do not have their star sign shown I can understand some may not wish to but I find really helpful as there are some star signs I do not know v well and it helps me to understand them so if you dont have a star sign against your avatar maybe consider it??

    understand you may not want to

    re names I would like to change the name of my avatar but havent a clue how as all it seems to want to do is let you change the image.... not the name if anyone can help I would appreciate it

    I love my avatar name but I might want to change it some day!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Laithano

    I did smile when I saw your reply when you said u like to know who and WHAT you are talking to .... well hopefully you are talking to a human being hee hee that made me laugh!!

    Unless maybe animals or spirits can use computers.... if so we could be talking to someone who has passed away and is living in the spirit world........???

  • Hi Nefratiti,

    when i first started to join in the discussion forums there was much confusion going on because many were using their starsign with a similar name or with the star sign included in the name. Some people were getting a little upset at the mix-ups. I decided to use my alias name for discussion purposes. Not to hide away but so that people could not pre judge who and what i am based on my star sign.

    Although i have many characteristics which pertain to my birth sign, i have many others which don't because of my rising sign. It depends very much on the time of year and the moon phases which one comes to the fore and sometimes i can draw on the strengths of one sign when it is necessary. That's the beauty of duality.

    When i saw the title of the discussion thread, i thought it was about spiritual avatars.

    Some mediums i know call themselves avatars because they don't like the label of indigo.

    Oh well, maybe another discussion could come of this.

    Verdana 🙂

  • And I used LibrasLair because it was the name I chose for my domain and I haven't made a website as yet. Lair can be a home or place of business. I wasn't hiding either.

  • hello Verdana

    yes I absolutely understand what you are saying. I guess I am probably more into Astrology and Tarot than anything so it is nice to see what stars signs people are but I can quite see why some people may prefer not to tell everyone their astrological sign.

    I do see why and we are all diffferent of course. Maybe you will spark off a new discussion.

    Of course there are so many discussion options in this forum and astrology of course is only one of them I am new to this and guess I will get the hang of it in time. I have already had some interesting replies to some topics I have started or joined in. I am a bit low at the moment and I have found huge comfort in talking to people on this site. Its so reassuring to know that other people can advise and support. I think its brilliant. i love it! And all the people on this site are so interesting and unique and really genuine I am really enjoying talking to new people it has opened up a whole new world for me!


  • LibrasLair (hey another great name!!)

    please see my reply above to Verdana oh please dont misunderstand me I wasnt at all suggesting people were hiding.... not at all honest!! Its a very personal thing I can see that and hopefully my answer above will explain. I can quite see what Verdana means and anyway it is up to each individual how they express themselves of course.

    Didnt mean to offend anyone. i think this site is brilliant I am new ... only really just discovering about it and I can see that actually its quite nice just to have a symbol which is personal to you and I think all the names are really special. I am really enjoying talking to everyone.


  • Nefratiti you didn't offend me at all. I really didn' think anything about it other than you were curious as to why some do and some don't. No more and no less. If you don't know something its smart to ask. Its when you assume that you can get into trouble. Don't worry about it you just asked.

  • Verdana I was online yesterday looking for info on Judy Hall and I had no idea she was from the UK. What a surprise. I have three of her books on stones and I see she has a follow up to the Crystal Bible. I can hardly wait. I have two copys of the Crystal Bible because I copy pages from one on my copier and its been mashed so hard when I copy that the back bone is coming apart. I love her books they are beautiful with the pictures. I wish Love is in the Earth by Melody had color pictures and it would make that books worth so much more. Didn't know if you knew about the new book so I thought I would mention it. Oh and Nefratiti on the singles sites I go by a different name and its Bluegirl its the name of a rose.

  • Hi Nefratiti,

    I'm happy you discovered the site and it is very interesting to join in the discussions and ask questions as well trying to answer some with your experiences.

    Even people who aren't working as mediums have valuable insights for some of the questioners. And even medioums have personal problems they can't decipher for themselves.

    Enjoy it, if it helps you feel brighter it can only be good, but if something brings you down, avoid it altogether.

    Verdana 😉

  • LibrasLair,

    yes the crystal bible is great and i didn't know about the new edition.

    Hope you manage to get a copy soon. I tend to wait until they come into the discount shops before i buy but will look out for it. Thanks.

    Verdana 🙂

  • Yes I will wait till its cheaper myself. That's why I tell people to look for her first one at abebooks.com they list all kinds of books new and used and give the condition of the book too. You can even find the books your looking for in other countrys. I have seen books I am looking for in the UK and Spain. I thought it was great that if you travel you will find your books.

  • It isn't out yet but it will be soon her site said.

  • Sweet Verdana,

    thank you for your lovely reply sweetie u sound so lovely and understanding...... I am soooooooooooo happy. Truly at last I have found a forum which I can relate to and so many understanding and genuine people who care and give amazin advice but do not judge you,,,,,,, its wonderful truly I am happy already I seem to be getting sound advice and guidance from complete strangers who understand my dilemmas and can give objective advice.. I work in Personnel so giving advice and guidance and support is my living it really comes very naturally to me to solve other people's problems and I see a way round things so clearly for them always my judgement is very good and i can see straight away how to solve other peoples problems and I think oh it is so easy you should try this etc... not in a pushy way but with empathy etc BUT when it comes to my own cousel well the usual story cant seem to see things so clearly u people have opened up a whole new world for me so a huge thank u to anyone who may have answered any of my dilemmas.


    What a special site and intuitive people thank u mean it.... really

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